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Five Types of Libertarianism & Why They’re All Important to Liberty

Ron Paul

  1. Constitutionalists

The Constitution is the document upon which the U.S. government is built. It is a result of the combined efforts of statesmen, thinkers, writers, and military leaders who were influenced by the Age of Enlightenment as well as the struggles the early U.S. faced under British rule. Of further significance is the fact that the Constitution forms the basis for laws which restrict politicians in their ability to rule over people, rather than restricting what the people may do; it exists to limit the freedom of politicians, and not the people. Many libertarians are drawn to the Constitution for these reasons. While many more radical libertarians have criticized it, anyone who tried to argue that we would not have a freer and more prosperous society under a strict Constitutional government than we do now under the current government would have a very difficult time doing so. Ron Paul is perhaps the most well-known Constitutionalist libertarian for his advocacy of reducing the federal government to its Constitutional limits in his three presidential campaigns as well as his books “The Revolution” and “Liberty Defined”. Constitutionalist libertarians tap into both the history of the U.S. and the foundation for the U.S. government, which appeal to patriotic Americans and those who realize that politicians should follow the laws laid out for them. They also offer a clearly-defined goal to shoot for, and one which most libertarians can agree is either a good final destination or a good start for those who wish to go further.

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