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A Proposal for a New Amendment to the US Constitution

Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 6.12.13 PMWhereas the people of the United States have been forced to endure burdensome taxation and threats to civil liberties to accommodate the expansion of undeclared executive policing actions, it has become necessary for a new constitutional amendment that gives citizens the authority to audit, veto or authorize such actions by majority vote in elected delegations put forth by the states. It is hereby proposed to the citizens of the United States that they should compel their representatives to pass legislation that establishes private citizen-controlled audit and review boards from the fifty states or any future states admitted to the UNION.

In order to protect the economic and national security interests of the citizens of the United States it is hereby established that citizen review boards from the 50 states shall hereby have the power to meet every two years to audit any police action that is not a declared war scenario. Any policing action enforced by US military personnel  entered into by the executive shall not be allowed to continue beyond the two year point without an audit by the delegations formed by the citizen review boards. After such an audit, the delegations may choose to de-authorize the use of force or to allow the police action to continue by majority vote. If the citizen review boards deem the use of force to be excessive or fiscally wasteful and choose to veto the action, the executive will have the authority to negotiate a peaceful withdrawal within 60 days or face impeachment.

Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 6.26.42 PMThe citizen review boards shall consist of delegations consisting of an equal number of citizens from each district in every state. Representatives shall be appointed by democratic delegations in the states and those representatives shall travel for a biannual national delegation. This elected citizen delegation shall have the power to perform hearings, investigations, audits and to vote on whether or not to allow any hostility that is not a declared war scenario to continue. The citizen delegation shall have access to all high level executive intelligence regarding the police action in order to determine whether the action is in the best interests of the people of the United States. If the citizenry determines that the police action is in the best interests of the United States, a mandatory vote shall be generated in the Upper and Lower Houses on whether to declare war so as to expedite the conflict and avoid prolonged hostilities that drain US resources and productive capability.

If the Senate and House of Representatives do not vote to authorize a declaration of war, the executive action shall officially be designated as a “police action”. The police action in question can continue only for another two years before another private citizen review board shall be elected to again audit and vote on whether such action may continue.

This amendment to the US Constitution is proposed on April 13, 2013