Five Types of Libertarianism & Why They’re All Important to Liberty


  1. Minarchists

If, as many libertarians say, the sole purpose of government is to protect life, limb, and property, then minarchism is the form of government most in harmony with this view. Minarchists advocate a government which provides a court system, a police force, and a military, and nothing more. Thus, minarchists believe in the smallest government possible. Ayn Rand defended minarchism in her many television appearances as well as in her books, including perhaps her best work on the subject in “Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal”. Minarchists can act as a bridge between the radical and moderate factions of the liberty movement and the Libertarian Party, making them a wonderful part of the movement. And, like classical liberals, they can find common ground with those who would rather have government control out of as many areas as possible, instead of designating certain issues up to state governments.

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