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Famed Gaming YouTuber and Streamer Desmond “Etika” Amofah Found Dead

The official news Twitter of the NYPD confirmed that the popular YouTube gamer and streamer Desmond Amofah, known online as “Etika”, was found by police yesterday evening deceased in New York City’s East River.

This ending a 5 day investigation started on June 20th after Amofah uploaded a video to his alternative YouTube channel on June 19th in which he alluded to killing himself. He was last seen that evening.

On June 22nd, his belongings were found on the Manhattan Bridge, with a body being reported just down the river near Pier 6 two days later, as reported by DramaAlert’s Daniel Keem:

In April of 2019, Etika had several issues involving eluding to self-harm and suicide on Twitter. Later on the 29th, he ceased contact with all his close friends, posting a series of offensive tweets and strange videos/livestreams. He was later found safe in his apartment and seemed to have calmed down.

YouTube later removed the cryptic video on Etika’s alternative account just 18 hours after uploading for being in violation of YouTube’s content guidelines.

Amofah was a 7-year veteran of the YouTube and Twitch gaming world, and leaves behind a legacy of entertainment and joy he provided to the entire internet. His fans, who call themselves the “Joy-Con Boyz,” have taken to the four corners of the internet to immortalize Etika in memoriam, including several petitions to reinstate his channel and to have him buried at the YouTube Headquarters in California.

Several fans and fellow content creators have also shared their sincerest condolences:

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