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TLR Exclusive: Interview with Fox Business Network’s John Stossel

Stossel: “We Just Don’t Want To Try To Control The World”

By: Elias J. Atienza

The Libertarian Republic had the pleasure of interviewing Fox Business Network’s John Stossel, the host of Stossel. Tonight, John Stossel is hosting a Libertarian Town Hall with Governors Gary Johnson and Bill Weld at 9pm EST on Fox Business. Note that this interview was conducted before Johnson reversed his position on a carbon tax.

The Libertarian Republic: What is the primary difference in national security matters in the Libertarian Party from the others?

John Stossel: Libertarians want to interact with the world, trade with the world, influence the world by spreading the best of our culture and taking the best of theirs. We just don’t want to try to control the world.

TLR: What do you think of Johnson’s stance on Black Lives Matter?  

JS: He’s right to argue with Eric Bolling. Cato’s “Police Abuse of the Month” makes me angry too. But BLM has sometimes been irresponsible, too.

TLR: What is the primary focus going to be on for the town hall?

JS: Economy, social issues, war/defense.

TLR: How many people do you think will watch?

JS: 330 million.

TLR: Do you think voting for a third party is a wasted vote?

JS: No. Vote your conscience. I’d have to be “wasted” to vote for the Dem or Rep, given that the Democratic candidate is a liar who wants to crush innovation and micro-manage our lives and the Republican nominee is an irresponsible bully. Most votes are wasted, anyway, and in the majority of states, your vote is meaningless—only a few swing states matter in Presidential elections.

TLR: What do you think of Johnson’s support for a carbon fee? Will he be answering questions on that?

JS: I don’t think there should be a carbon fee until/unless it is demonstrated that man’s contribution to global warming is significant, that warming will do more harm than good, and that a fee would make any discernible difference. A carbon fee would impose pain on poor people.  But a carbon fee is fairer and better than “green” subsidies and fossil fuel penalties we have now.

Johnson and Weld will face tough questions on guns, discrimination, Supreme Court picks, debating ability, and more.

TLR: What are Johnson’s chances of actually winning the presidency?

JS: The betters know better than me, the polls, and all the Karl Roves of the world. So see my site: ElectionBettingOdds.com.

TLR: Why do you support Johnson?

JS: Because unlike the Republicans and Democrats, he doesn’t want to police the workplace, the bedroom, speech, other countries…That’ll be obvious to anyone who tunes into my town hall at 9pm eastern on Friday!


Courtesy of Fox Business.

John Stossel is the host of Stossel on Fox Business. His show can be seen on Fridays at 9pm EST.

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