Eric July’s New Track Drops on Metal Injection

Eric July’s New Song is Now Available for All to Listen

by I, AnCap

After weeks of anticipation, iconic Libertarian street metal band BackWordz has delivered exclusively through Metal Injection. Perhaps their most controversial piece yet, the track focuses on their frontman’s past, from his early rap career at age 10 to his departure from his old band, Fire From the Gods. If you’re looking for music that tells it like it is and doesn’t hold back, this song is for you. It reveals everything BackWordz fans have been wondering and sets a new standard for up and coming metal acts.

This particular track doesn’t have as much of a political message as some of the band’s previous tracks like Statism or Utopias Don’t Exist, rather provides an insight into frontman Eric July‘s past. July is a TLR contributor who has appearances on TheBlaze, Fox News, The Tom Woods Show, and more. But for Eric, it was a long road to go from his early rap career at 10 to a political commentator of rising fame. He describes gang life, controversy with the former band, haters, and other obstacles he’s overcome in the 7 minute track. He also touches on his triumphs, like cameos he’s made, his vocal covers on YouTube, and honors he’s earned as an athlete in college. At the end of the day, July is just happy he’s conquered his challenges and become great.

Don’t take our word for it, have a listen yourself:

On top of all that, BackWordz has issued a press statement to accompany their release. Within they discuss partnerships, management updates, and more:

And here it is! Premiering exclusively through Metal Injection, our new music video to our new single titled ‘Be Great’

But that is not all. We have some big things going on with the band, that we’re finally able to announce.


Partnership with Stay Sick Recordings: We are proud to announce that we have entered a Unique Partnership with Stay Sick Recordings for our upcoming album, Veracity. As many of you know, everything about this band has be unconventional, yet strategic. We had no interests in doing things that were industry standard, or doing things just because other bands are doing it. We’ve had label offers that we respectfully declined and we’ve been in talks that were only entertained at the surface level. This has been by design. We’ve been able to lay down foundation, solidify our sound, and control our direction. In just a year in a half, we’ve been able to put out some successful singles that have done solid numbers without any sort of label backing. We’ve kept it all in-house, and that’s been by design.

SSR knew that we had no intentions of signing an actual, typical record deal; we wanted to self-release our upcoming album. Over the last months, members of SSR and BackWordz have been talking on the business & friendship tip. All parties have a similar vision and as time progressed, it seemed to make sense to pool our resources together. SSR and BackWordz’ teams are far from the standard and are involved in ventures that extend beyond music, therefore there is a mutual benefit in this partnership.

What does this mean? Our upcoming album is still being treated as a self-release. Though it has been pushed back, it will now be far bigger release. The album will not only be jam-packed with a deep tracklist, but we are now able to distribute all of which that surrounds it to a greater number of people. So you will see physical copies in stores and you will see a lot of merchandise.

BackWordz still has creative control, owns the publishing, and will be still funding several aspects. SSR on the other hand will assisting with many things behind the scenes. This a Unique Partnership that goes well beyond surface level, as there are other aspects that we cannot yet discuss. This consists of 2 brands coming together to make gold, rather than one signing to the other. It works out in a way that helps both brands, and we are looking forward to teaming up with a great group of guys at SSR.

We’d also like to announce that we’ve brought on Strong Management to help keep us organized and on track. Strong Management is yet another brand dedicated to success, also managing some great bands such as Killswitch Engage, The Contortionist, & My Ticket Home. We want to see BackWordz be the best that it can be, and Strong will be the much needed 6
th member of the team. It was important that we added someone that would challenge this brand to be great, and they will do just that

Booking Agent:

As pieces are falling into place, you will see BackWordz and its members appear in things outside of music. As some of you know, our frontman Eric July is a libertarian political commentator who makes constant radio, TV and podcast appearances; these include The Blaze, Tom Woods, and the infamous Fox News. A big part of the BackWordz message is to spread peace, love & liberty but not just in music

With that being said, we’ve brought on APA (Agency for the Performing Arts) as our booking agent. APA has been around long before any of us were born and they’ve been responsible for booking prominent acting figures such as Kevin Hart and Amy Schumer.. to huge influential music heads such as 50 cent, New Found Glory & Public Enemy.

This will expand opportunities of BackWordz. Not only will you see us hitting the road for shows on the music side, you will begin to see us in other ventures as well. Our touring will not be limited to music.

Final Thoughts:

We have also (if this is ready) launched our new website, Head there to stay up to date on everything BackWordz related. We will also have a team of writers (Including our Alex and Eric) posting articles day to day about news and current events).

Lastly, we want to thank everybody that has supported us along the way. We formed in 2015 and have made great strides in such a short period of time. But most importantly, we’ve been able to do it on our own terms and have not had to sell our souls in the process; this is something that we refuse to do. If we wanted immediate short term success, we would have signed our lives to labels when the offers first came around; which were when we first released Grindstone. We treat this like a marathon and not a sprint.

There have been pearl clutchers and gaslighters that were hoping we would fade away. People who despise us and our message began to paint narratives that they wanted to believe were true. But here are the facts:
We did not sign deals because we had little interest in the industry standard terms and wanted to own much of our product; It was not because we didn’t have the offers.

We have not toured constantly because we have been smart with our finances and doing so many of things that have been mentioned in our press release. In other words, we’ve been laying the foundation. We do not want to be a band that gained success and immediately fell off, or a band that is broke and in debt. We practice good economics.

Everything that has (or has not) happened regarding BackWordz, has been exactly as planned and by design. We’ve been in a great spot due to our unique approach and our loyal fanbase.  Even if it felt like we were stagnant or doing nothing, we were getting things done in the background.

We will continue to spread liberty and give you the BackWordz you fell in love with: Uncut, Raw, Honest and Blunt.

Lastly, to those that donated to our gofundme to fund Veracity, you will still receive your exclusive merch and pre order bonuses surrounding this album.

Much Love
Be Great


TLR was also able to obtain insight from BackWordz on the history of July’s split from Fire From the Gods:

My old band, Fire From The Gods, were at a point that they wanted to tour full time and Eric thought that was a foolish decision. This led to Eric and the band splitting ways, however it was on good terms and Eric actually called the members, showing support. In actuality, the original plan was that they wanted to keep Eric as a ghostwriter and member of the band. The frontman at the time was the fill-in Christ Mardis, who is white and Hispanic. But they eventually added AJ Channer, a black guy, having 2 vocalists. The first song they tried to release was a song called ‘EAT’ that of which Eric wrote and recorded before he left. They re recorded it and tried to release it without permission acting as if it was their initial song and style The song was eventually taken down. Through 3rd party, the issue was handled but it was clear they were no longer on good terms. Nobody from the band contacted Eric. As time progressed BackWordz (Eric’s new band) would get word that FFTG and their manager would sneak diss but BackWordz played ball, not publicly disrespecting FFTG. BackWordz’ new song (Be Great) talks about the fall out and how FFTG blatantly tried to get a weird black guy to pull a fast one on fans. It seems that they were hoping that BackWordz/Eric July would fade away, leaving them with the opportunity to seem as if they are doing something original to those that aren’t knowledgeable on this story.

As the track mentions, BackWordz owns their own publishing and is completely independent from corporate censorship and restriction. This is why it’s vital for us capitalists to show we support music like theirs. Don’t just stream their music, buy it or contribute to their Patreon. They deserve your support.

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