Top 7 Terrible Foreign Policy Ideas of Donald Trump & Michele Bachmann

Trump and Bachmann Share a Dangerous Foreign Policy

by Kyle Perkins

Michele Bachmann has gone on the record in saying she wants to give Donald Trump his advice on foreign policy.

The problems I have with this have nothing to do with black-and-white binary thinking that either one agrees with Ron Paul on every foreign policy issue or one thinks America has a job to sink any nation that’s not America. Instead, my problems lie within the fact that Bachmann and Trump both have no ideology, no core values. Other problems stem from the fact that neither one has had any understanding of any more than two issues: Iran and Israel.

These two, Trump and Bachmann, only began learning third issues in foreign policy some months ago. As a neo-libertarian, I have been studying the issues of foreign policy with enormous attention to detail since 2007. This is only three years longer than I have been a libertarian for, mind you.

What began my passionate interest in politics was actually my discovery of the Sudan regime and its ideology. And so I now see this grand opportunity to refute any idea of Trump and Bachmann being legit.

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