Dear BLM: ANTIFA and White Marxists Are Grave Robbing George Floyd

Dear Black Lives Matter:

For the very first time, you have the ears of the entire nation. Many Americans, including mainstream conservative pundits have seen the video footage of George Floyd die with a knee on his neck. They were all horrified. People who were previously skeptical of your message, who criticized taking a knee on a football field, are now all saying “hold up a minute.”

George Floyd’s death was senseless and tragic, like Eric Garner and Philando Castile before him. But now people are listening.

United States Congressman Justin Amash (MI-L) has now introduced a bill to end Qualified Immunity.

Yet, there are some who are riding your coattails and crying crocodile tears. They’re opportunistically hijacking your movement and your message to bring attention to their own self-serving causes.

They don’t care about George Floyd. They don’t care about black lives. They care about upending our society, and are using you to do it. The white Leftists covering for them by laying out False Dichotomies are in need of some serious introspection. They say that anyone bothered by this doesn’t care about black lives. When these white Leftists justify the burning of homes and businesses and the destruction of property, they are siding with your detractors. They are not your allies.

First, we need to explain who these people are. They are Anarcho-Communists. Their core belief system is the abolition of government and private property. They believe in a mob rule society. They have existed for a long while, and were the perpetrators of the WTO Riots in Seattle in 1999. This was before they rebranded themselves as ANTIFA, which they took from European groups.

You might have heard ANTIFA stands for “Anti-Fascist.” You also might have heard that MTV stands for Music Television. Neither of these function as they are named today.

Despite what ANTIFA would have you believe, being Anti-Fascist is a relatively common and mainstream position. Yet ANTIFA is fringe, and there’s a reason for that.

There is no conflict with being Anti-Fascist and a Capitalist. There’s no conflict with being Anti-Fascist and being a home and land owner. Yet, ANTIFA brands those who do not align with their fringe Anarcho-Communist ideals to be Fascists.

They care about one thing, and one thing only. The destruction of the government and the destruction of private property. That is their goal. They are using your movement as a vehicle towards that goal.

 Black people are noticing.

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones confiscated spray cannisters from ANTIFA vandals.

And of course, a white ANTIFA member made the unfortunate mistake of trying to vandalize NBA Star J.R. Smith’s vehicle.

J.R. Smith responded about the incident below:

I watched a Livestream of the Friday night protest in Seattle, when an Amazon Go building had their windows smashed in by white ANTIFA activists. A black man yelled “What are you doing? This isn’t about Amazon!”

But it is about Amazon to them. It was never about George Floyd. It was never about Black Lives.

They use your group. They use your numbers. They incite the confrontations between you and the police. Then they leave you on the front lines to go destroy property in your city. They call it “collateral damage” for your movement when it was their main objective all along. Mainstream white Leftists are giving a nod to these folks when they repeat the collateral damage talking point. In doing so, they’re softening and normalizing the hijacking of your movement on behalf of ANTIFA.

And for the most part, these Anarcho-Communists are not even from your city. They came from out of town, and they go back to where they came from. They sleep soundly in their community which remains intact, while leaving your community with empty stores and ashes. And they’re happy pinning their transgressions against your community on your movement.

They are grave robbing George Floyd to meet their own ends, and at your expense.

If you see an ANTIFA member destroying property at one of your protests, they must be dealt with in the language they understand. NBA Star J.R. Smith spoke it well.

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