5 Health Benefits of Learning a Martial Art

There are many reasons why you should learn how to fight. Martial arts are more than just about fighting, however. They can help you improve your health in a large number of ways. Here are some of the health benefits of learning a martial art.

1 – Cardiovascular health

Learning a martial art will involve plenty of cardiovascular activity, and this is great for your health. Every part of your body benefits from you having a stronger cardiovascular system. Cardiovascular diseases are the biggest cause of death in the world, and many of them can be prevented by exercise.

2 – Strength

Training a fighting style will make you work many different muscle groups. Lifting weights may make you look good, but the repetition often puts stress on the muscles, and it may leave some muscle groups underdeveloped. Martial arts, however, will help you develop your strength more evenly; you can build your body into a useful tool, rather than just a pretty sculpture.

3 – Reflexes

Having quick reflexes and being able to stay calm under pressure are two useful skills. Martial art training can help you develop those talents, sharpening your focus and your reflexes. That will help you with your training, and it may well help save your life during a dangerous situation.

Training will also boost your agility, mobility, and balance. Combined, all of these elements can be useful in all sorts of situations. Sure, it’s easy to get lost in fantasies of being a hero and stopping an armed robbery, or saving a friend from trouble. But there are more subtle ways it can be useful. Good balance and reflexes, for example, can mean the difference between falling down a flight of stairs and catching yourself on the handrail before it happens.

4 – Coordination

Maybe you are one of those people who constantly feel awkward. You might genuinely have a unique body; maybe your arms are a tad too long, or too beefy, and you never really learned how to be comfortable in your skin.

Training martial arts will force you to understand and master your own body. It helps you grasp the strengths and weaknesses of your body type, and it will give you a path for growth and development. A gain in motor coordination, for example, is a common benefit obtained from martial arts.

This makes learning a martial art a useful tool for young kids and teenagers who need help being less awkward. The sense of friendship and community that can be found in martial arts training is also helpful in that regard.

5 – Confidence

Talk softly and carry a big stick. Often, the stronger you are, the less often you have to fight. Mastering a martial art will not only make you stronger; it’ll build in you a sense of confidence. It’s easier to be self-assured when you know what you are capable of; know what type of hardship you can endure. In that regard, learning a martial art can work as a form of therapy. The state of focus often achieved during training and sparring matches can also work as a form of meditation.

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