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Cruz Says Failure To Act On Obamacare Will Hurt The GOP In 2018


By Henry Rodgers

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz had some criticism for his own party in regards to passing healthcare legislation saying the GOP would look like “fools,” if they cannot repeal Obamacare Friday on “Fox & Friends.”

Although Cruz has had his own problems with several drafts of the GOP’s health care bill, he successfully worked in an amendment to the legislation which would allow insurers to sell plans that do not meet Obamacare regulations if they also sell a plan that does meet those rules. Cruz’s message to Republicanswas loud and clear: the GOP will be affected by this in 2018 if they cannot pass healthcare legislation.

“I’ve said many times if we fail to get this done, I think collectively Republicans will look like fools,” Cruz said. “You can’t have your central promise for seven years be we’ll repeal Obamacare, and then you show up and vote not even to take up the bill to consider repealing Obamacare.”


Republicans should be worried about the 2018 elections if they can’t pass Obamacare repeal Cruz said, “voters should hold us accountable.” Cruz continued, “We should be frustrated cause we have politicians who campaign promising one thing, then they do something different in office. What I’m urging my colleagues, it’s not rocket science. Let’s do what we said we would do.” (RELATED: Ted Cruz Explains How To Get A ‘Win Win’ On Health Care [VIDEO])

Cruz is fully focused on this repeal and replace effort and has promised to work as hard as he can to keep the GOP’s promise to the American people.

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