Clinton Foundation Received Tax Dollars to Fund A Private Email Server

By Wayne Pac

By now, we all know that the Clinton family is full of lies, and deceit. A recent investigation that POLITICO had orchestrated found that the Clinton Foundation had been receiving subsidies from the Government; the General Services Administration (GSA) in particular. This isn’t illegal, but it should be. The “Former President’s Act” was passed in 1958, allowing the GSA to fund the costs of staff members, travel fees, and more, of ex-presidents.

The taxpayer money taken from the GSA to fund the Clinton Foundation was used to buy IT equipment and fund the salaries of many Clinton aides that happen to be at the center of the current scandal involving Hillary Clinton. After Bill Clinton’s departure from the White House, Hillary said that they left with financial struggles, even though the Clinton Foundation grew into a $2 Billion dollar organization in a short amount of time after Bill’s presidency.

As anybody who is even somewhat versed in the political world would know by now, the Clinton couple is a pair of conniving individuals. But what really adds salt to the wound is that Hillary is still allowed to run for president. Don’t get me wrong, Donald Trump isn’t a great candidate. But Trump is a different story all together. He may say stuff I disagree with, but the thing about Trump is that he says what is on his mind most of the time. He doesn’t care about political correctness, and he doesn’t worry about what other people think of him. He doesn’t have a history of being a lying, conniving politician.

Trump’s business career may be riddled with poor decisions, but he is a far greater candidate than Hillary is. Having said that, I still wouldn’t vote for him, as I wouldn’t feel comfortable voting for him. Voting for him would be throwing the liberty vote away.

Gary Johnson may not be much of a libertarian, and he may say a lot of stuff that libertarians like myself disagree with. But Johnson has a lot of good ideas, and he is currently what libertarians have. What this means is there is still a vote that can be cast for liberty. The best I can personally hope for, is for Johnson to win, and hopefully he does. He will realize a lot of the stances on his part are meant to pander to the left, and he should stick to the right. The battle of left versus right is one of authoritarianism against libertarianism.

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