The Drudge Report Hasn’t Mentioned Gary Johnson in 3 Years

by Daniel Stephens

Newsman Matt Drudge, a conservative populist who rose to fame after the ascension of his news aggregation site, the Drudge Report, does not seem to be overly fond of Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson. Running a quick search on the site for the former New Mexico governor’s name will reveal that he hasn’t been mentioned in an article headline since 2014.


This acute revelation would seem to be a little uncharacteristic  — Drudge has claimed to be “libertarian” in the past, saying “I’m a Libertarian except for drugs and abortion.” But a quick search through his archives for the word “libertarian” reveals he hasn’t posted much on the topic in the last year (or really at all), but it is still far more frequently mentioned than the current Libertarian nominee.


And Johnson’s name is nowhere to be found — at least for the last three years. Of course, there is a limited amount of space for articles, and only so many topics and personalities can be covered. Interestingly though, there seems to be more than enough space for a plethora of stories about exorcisms and aliens.

drudge exorcismdrudgealien

What is Matt’s beef with Gary? Why not even mention him when virtually every other news outlet is? Let us know your theory about why the Drudge Report is boycotting Gary on Facebook or in the comments below.

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