Did Hillary Steal Her “Victory” in Iowa? (Video)

Not a day after the Iowa caucus results left Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in a virtual tie, media outlets on both sides of the political aisle have been claiming it is possible that the Hillary camp pulled some funny business when counting up the votes at some precincts.

Allowing the usual margin for error that all statistical collections can make, it is unfair to say that Clinton actually “won.” Though the mainstream pundits are doing so anyway, and the Hillary campaign has claimed victory all the same. Having said that, Hilary’s 0.001% lead itself is now being scrutinized  as perhaps being a result of two major factors: A series of coin toss decisions for delegate assignment that went to Clinton every single time (statistically improbable), and a potential false count at caucus precinct #43 in Des Moines.

Regarding the coin toss problem, The Blaze reports that at least six separate counties came down to counts so close that there were enough minor discrepancies between counters to warrant flipping a coin. That seems unlikely enough as it is, though not impossible. In addition to that, however, in all six cases, the coin toss was said to have landed in Hillary’s favor.

The plot thickens, according to The Blaze:

“Now, get ready to do some math. In a single coin toss, the probability of calling the toss correctly is 50 percent, or one in two. Heads or tails. But the probably of winning every flip out of six flips is one in 64, or 1.56 percent.

The online study tool “Coin Toss Probability Calculator” has a really intense formula that explains why, but the bottom line is, the probabilities stack on each other. You’re 50 percent likely to win one coin flip. But you’re only 25 percent likely to win two consecutive coin flips, because there are now twice as many possible outcomes. So bump that up to six coin flips, and your chances of winning them all are slim…”


Moving on to the false count accusation, Conservative Outfitters reports:

“Bernie Sanders supporters are outraged claiming caucus chair Drew Gentsch and precinct captain Liz Buck did not conduct an actual count of Clinton supporters. The pair are accused of deliberately misleading the caucus at precinct #43 in Des Moines.

This is a very serious accusation especially given the razor thin race in Iowa between Clinton and Sanders. The entire incident was captured on camera by C-SPAN.”

The exact count was called into question in the first place because the second count was off. Sources confirm the first accounted for a total of 459 votes with Sanders actually winning; 215 for Sanders, 210 Hillary (IMPORTANT: exactly 14 votes apart), 26 O’Malley and 8 undecided.  The second, however, lost 3 votes yet shifted exactly 14 votes over to Clinton. That count showed a whopping 232 votes for Clinton, only 224 for Sanders, with 456 total.

How the Democratic caucus works, just for clarification, is that when the “winning” candidates are determined, the remaining few votes originally cast for the “losing” candidates are then dispersed to the winning candidates of those voters’ choosing. So 3 of the total votes disappeared yet Clinton still gained 14. The accusation, therefore, is that Hillary’s people didn’t actually do a full recount, but instead just moved the 14 vote difference all over to Hillary regardless of what the count actually said.

Video included below for fairness: Hillary caucus guilty of committing intentional fraud, or making an honest mistake? Observe and decide for yourself.


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