The War on Drugs

Car Crashes Into a House, Reveals Marijuana Grow Inside

by Joe Klare

It’s a fact of life that some people have better luck than others. And having a car crash into your house is certainly bad luck. But some people have even worse luck than that.

Let’s say you happened to have an illegal marijuana growing operation in the very room that the car crashes into, and that grow gets exposed; very bad luck indeed.

That’s what happened recently to someone in Australia: a car crashed into his house — after it hit a tree and two parked cars — and a hydroponic cannabis grow was revealed inside. But this is not an isolated incident, not even if you only consider the last month.

A couple of weeks ago an elderly driver crashed into a house in Salem, New Hampshire. The crash exposed a false wall inside the house; a marijuana grow operation was found behind it.

But wait, that’s not all! About a week before that a woman crashed a car into a house in Pennsylvania, and that crash led to the discovery of a small grow operation.

These stories highlight several points: 1) Either a lot of people are growing weed, a lot of people are crashing their cars into houses, or both; and 2) if it took a car crashing into a house to reveal these marijuana grows, they must not have been bothering anyone to the point of making an actual complaint about them to the police.

No victim, no crime.

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