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Grapplers for Gary: Top 7 Pro Wrestlers Supporting Johnson/Weld 2016

Johnson Finds Support Among Some of the Most Legendary Stars

by Josh Guckert

In order to win elections, candidates must pinpoint target demographics and perform well among them. For Governor Gary Johnson, it is unlikely that he has spent time courting the professional wrestler vote. Nonetheless, many have taken a liking to Johnson and have expressed their support. Here are the top seven pro wrestlers supporting Gary Johnson:

1. Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash is among the most well-known and accomplished sports entertainers of all-time. During his career, he became the third ever WWE “triple crown” champion by winning the World Heavyweight, Intercontinental, and Tag Team Titles. After leaving for rival promotion WCW, he held that company’s World Heavyweight Title on five different occasions, also winning the tag team titles nine times. Most memorably, he served as one of the three original members of the nWo faction along with Scott Hall and Hulk Hogan. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015.

He announced his support for Gary Johnson on Twitter on July 5 after watching the candidate’s interview with Bill Maher.

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