Abuse of Authority

California school hires firm to spy on students’ social media pages

They’re doing it for their safety!

A Los Angeles school district has hired a firm to scour student’s social media accounts to look for possible threats of violence, bullying, drug use, suicidal statements or truant behavior. Glendale is paying $40,500 for a private firm to monitor and report on 14,000 students’ posts on social media.

In a report from CNN, the anchors break down whether or not the children have any expectation of privacy since they are posting the information publicly. However, most social media accounts do have options not to make posts public to anyone other than approved followers. If a student has a private account, it would absolutely be a violation of their 4th amendment rights. But if students are making public posts knowingly, they do not have an expectation of privacy and could be monitored by anyone.

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