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MARION COUNTY, FLORIDA – Marion County Corrections officer Charles Broaderick was arrested just 13 minutes after he attacked a handcuffed inmate by slamming his head into the wall. The victim James Duckworth was left with a bloody injury that needed stitches and Broaderick is now being charged with assault and has been placed on unpaid leave.

Duckworth had been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving but had not been combative during his arrest, even complimenting the officer and referring to him as “gentleman” before the attack.

But Broaderick can be heard projecting a different attitude. The officer can be heard saying: ‘You’re being treated how you’re acting. You’re acting like an [expletive], you’re being treated as an [expletive].’

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The entire time, as Duckworth seems to go in and out of consciousness, Broaderick has his fist pushed against the side of the man’s neck, holding him up.

The report also said each of the officers interviewed alleged Duckworth was combative, and either threw something at the officer or initiated the assault, but that video showed exactly what happened. Not once does the report call Duckworth combative.


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  • Casey Benefield

    I didn’t see any spitting in that video…. Nothing left the guy’s face….. I even zoomed in and did slow-mo… THROW THE BOOK AT THE OFFICER THIS TIME!

    • Papi

      Looked more like a something stuck to the lip type of “spit” and it sure as hell wasn’t aimed at anyone.

  • Glanton

    Prison time is a start.

  • One rude dude.

    The dude said “you are a gentleman!” And then the coppers slammed his head into the wall! what a funny world we live in today!

    • One rude dude.

      Stupid life! Just relinquish any respect the police has at this point and do your dip-shit prisoner punishments! Just go ahead and kill the American people I am sure Obama will not care at all.

  • Scum Bag

    that fat pos deserves to spend years in prison

  • Guess

    Unpaid Leave- Are you kidding. DISGUSTING- This is outrageous- What the hell was he doing to this man ? Choking him ? What was the plastic bag ?

    APPALLING. Lock the prick up- this is a violent and unprovoked assault and a abuse of power.

    This man has no place in Law Enforcement- and is a danger to members of public.

    • Guest

      He isn’t chocking him its a type of hold, the plastic bag is a spit bag it stops people from being able to well… spit on you, did the cop over do it? Yes however getting spit on is unacceptable you don’t know where that persons been or what type of disease they carry (although causing them to bleed all over the place isn’t a preferred alternative) All in all the officer in question was charged with assault which is appropriate following his actions.

      • bill1978

        Give me a break. It’s a “type of hold”? Yeah, a choke-hold. Grabbing somebody by the throat and squeezing until they change color isn’t some super technical police CQB move, it’s just choking a guy out. And you know what’s unacceptable? Getting assaulted by police while you’re cuffed. Officer Porky wasn’t wearing gloves, and who knows where his mitts have been?

        • ThinkPink414

          Imagine what was on the wall he was rubbing an open wound on… there are curved smear marks to prove it.

      • Bubba Jenkins

        He obviously wasn’t spitting, he was making a childish noise with his mouth. If he was attempting to spit on the officer you would see deliberate head movement from the suspect as he tried to project the spit out to his intended target. No sir, you’re a nut hugging police state apologist with no concept of reality OTHER than what your government masters give to you. Good luck, maybe when they haul everyone off to the camps you can work as an informant for scraps like a good little doggy.

        • Joe Shmo

          I disagree with the full extent of Bubba’s hypothesis, however one thing is clear

          he definitely wasn’t spitting

          and that cop deserves to rot in prison for initiateing senseless violence under the color of authority

          • Kc Deckard Cain Ros

            Agreed, glad Bubba seems to think that im a fan of abusive of authority but hes free to go ahead and draw his own conclusions. Regardless, its humbling to actually see those in law enforcement punished when they break the law, god knows there have been far to many stories this last year of bad cops and federal agents getting off.

      • ThinkPink414

        If a cop was handcuffed in a seated position and a man did this to him – would you be so relaxed about it? Was this wrong? Yes. Was it more wrong because it was an officer doing it to an unarmed guy? Hell yes! Get over it buddy. This cop is the definition of pig. As is the douche standing in front of the camera to hide the blood. To top it off they are rubbing his open wound up and down a cement wall. This is more painful, and exsposing the detainee/victim to whatever may be on that wall.

        Aside from that, if the cop had accidentally bumped dude’s head, it would be different, but he intentionally rammed his head into the wall. If the tables were turned the guy would be charged with more than assault.

        Lets imagine that the wall was not the weapon, but the concrete block was instead. Also lets imagine the roles were reversed – cop sitting unable to defend himself, attacker thinks cop spit or cop did spit, attacker picks up brick and hits cops head… what happens? What are the charges? Simple assault?.. nope. Assault with a deadly weapon, lethal intent or intent to kill, assaulting police officer, kidnapping possibly, and I’d be willing to bet they would find more charges to tack on.

        I understand that you respect officers. Officers of the law are respectable. Pig headed, power happy, douchebag trolls with a badge however, are not.

        Cops need to be monitored, tested, and evaluated routinely to be the best. They have the authority so they need to be accountable. In fact, other officers (decent ones) should be holding the creep, narcissistic, sociopath cops accountable.

  • Guess

    The whole lot of these freaks- need to be punished- including the nurse-

    They are collectively trying to give the impression he is still conscious- and SPEAKING- the man is fucking unconscious!!-

    Given the expert teamwork- how many times has violence taking place like this ? With other victims!

    Fucking outrageous !

  • ccreamer_22

    “Marion County Corrections officer Charles Broaderick was arrested just 13 minutes after he attacked a handcuffed inmate”
    It sounds like the rest of the police are doing their jobs. Cudos to the Marion County Corrections in Florida.

    • czilla138

      This reported doesn’t know how to do research. “Charles Craig Broaderick was charged with battery and turned himself into the jail, where bond for the 41-year-old was set at $2,000. Booked at 4:30 p.m., Broaderick was released from the jail shortly at 4:43 p.m.” this is where the 13min comes from. “A press release issued by the MCSO states that on Nov. 25 State Attorney’s Office officials met with members of Sheriff Chris Blair’s staff in reference to the incident. The next day, Blair was briefed by his senior staff on the contents of the meeting with prosecutors, and Blair was told prosecutors was intended to file criminal charges against Broaderick for misdemeanor battery.

      Receiving the information, Blair took “immediate action,” the release noted, and Broaderick was placed on paid suspension pending his arrest, with the stipulation that once charges are filed, the corrections officer would be placed on unpaid suspension pending the conclusion of the criminal proceedings related to his arrest.” So it was some time between the inncodent, and when this all came about. The officer was NOT arrested 13min after he slammed the guys head into the wall.

  • THOR 221

    The guy sidded loudly by fluttering his lips. Who hasn’t done that once or twice in their life time? What a bunch of dbags!

  • Brad Kirby

    The bully wasn’t looking when he heard a spitting sound. So, the obvious response to ‘thinking’ you heard someone spit on a cop is to slam their head into a wall. From what I seen here, I don’t think the bully meant to actually slam the guys’ head into the wall, but of course he over-reacted and that usually tends to cause problems like this. Since being spit on couldn’t possibly cause real injury to a person there is no reason to respond with that much force.

  • Matt Chappel

    Cops actually get arrested?!?!?!

  • Inconsistencies

    Imagine that, a violent cop… They are very brave under favorable conditions.

  • Levi Dietrich

    watched it like 5 times, the only thing that looked REMOTELY like spitting was pursed lips… pointed at the floor

    • Levi Dietrich

      maybe a hair on the lip kinda thing but it sure wasn’t aimed at anyone

  • srsanbo

    The job doesn’t really pay enough to get the best and brightest. Instead, it fosters a cadre of adrenaline-junkie thugs that get off on being in control of others. There are too few that are in it for the altruism and service to the public/rule of law. Then there is the justice system, led by AG’s that are in bed with the heads of police, who protect their own and seldom pursue charges when there isn’t a blatant violation caught on video…Orwell was on to something…

  • Marv Leis

    I believe after I got out of jail, I’d have a little one on one with this excuse they call a corrections officer, maybe a little attitude adjustment is what he needs.

  • Joe Clam

    FINALLY! One of these despicable thugs gets put on UNPAID leave after their heinous and criminal acts. NOW let’s see this particular walking sack of testicular pus get the prison term he deserves — and probably won’t survive — and i might be tempted to begin to think about starting to maybe consider that just possibly there’s a CHANCE the tide COULD BE turning,… and the cops with consciences will someday soon hold sway in our police departments once again.. Possible?

  • Conservativesniper

    broaderick is a punk and needs 5 years in general population in Raiford. Make an example out of that fat p.o.s.

  • Teerexness

    If he were a cop, he’d be on “paid administrative leave” and he’d soon be “cleared after an internal investigation finds no evidence of wrongdoing”.

  • Ben Kilpatrick

    Y’all can look him up on facebook. He’s the Charles Craig Broaderick who studied at College of Central Florida and who lives in Ocala, FL.

  • Inconsistencies

    Any encounter you have with a cop is a life or death situation. Remember that.

  • natdud

    It amazes me that the cop has the frame of mind to say, “You’re being treated how you’re acting. You’re acting like an [expletive], you’re being treated as an [expletive]” How about this….. rather than treat him like he’s acting, treat him like a respectful human being and maybe, if he wasn’t already, he will start acting like one.

  • Trog Lodyte

    Two words…or is it one lol…LAWSUIT. The two officers that stated he was being combative should be placed on unpaid leave also. Reminds me of small town cops that will lie their asses off even under oath.

  • ok4good

    I wonder how many times that fat sob has abused other citizens after they’ve been arrested, and gotten away with it? He needs to be charged with felony assault.

  • Han Solo Solomon

    This jailer got away with nothing but losing his certificate.. Fuckin’ bullshit abuse of power. Those douchebags protect their own once again.. Cops don’t seem to care about the law.

  • Bill

    Yeah do you even how the other officers are so willing to then lie to justify and cover up what their fellow officer had done. What happens to the 2 others how then lie and video shows they had lied we hear nothing about those 2 officers. All of them should be charged and even the ones who didn’t do the crime but cover it up should be charged and the punishment for it should be so bad that other police hesitate in their mind to do the same thing when they remember what the punishment is in this case.