Newark Mayor Cory Booker: $1000 to rat out your neighbors guns!

Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 10.18.31 AMNewark Mayor Cory Booker is asking his residents to report on their neighbors if they have an “illegal” gun. The video appears to be from 2009 but is just now really making the rounds online. In light of recent promises by legislators to enact tighter gun control measures, videos like this send a chill down the spine of innocent Americans who regularly practice their second amendment rights. Although the video is now several years old, it sheds light on the mindset of liberal gun grabbers who want citizens to turn into informers for the state. It reminds one of the techniques used by agencies like the Gestapo and the Soviet Secret Police (NKVD) who used tips from informants to rat out citizens who did not comply with their authoritarian governments edicts. Interestingly, the Gestapo had a power that the American government has only recently taken for itself called “Schutzhaft” meaning “protective custody” which is a euphemism for the power to imprison citizens without judicial proceedings. The updated American version of this law is called the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and gives the President the authority to indefinitely detain citizens without trial.

If new gun control measures are enacted (and President Obama has threatened to do so in the New Year) will government officials continue with programs like these asking citizens to turn into informants for our increasingly totalitarian state? And if so, will citizens who refuse to comply with the gun regulations be subject to the American “Schutzhaft” law?


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