Cops shoot pregnant mother’s dog in her driveway

Police Shoot Dog On Owner’s Own Property

SUN VALLEY, CA–Three weeks ago, Jessica Cabrera was inside her home watching her 16-month old daughter when police severely wounded her pet Pit bull, Drake. Her two dogs got out of the backyard when the gate was accidentally left open. The animals roamed a bit but came back to their home fairly quickly. Before the owners were even aware their dogs had escaped, police shot Cabrera’s 4-year-old mixed Pit bull, Drake, in the face.

Apparently a neighbor called the police to let them know that the dogs were outside their backyard, even though they were still on Cabrera’s property. The notoriously abusive LAPD did not attempt to locate the owner of the dogs, who was right inside the house watching her daughter.

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The police stated that when they approached the dogs, one “ran away”, while the other “walked” towards the police. No where was it suggested that the dog was behaving aggressively, and from heart melting photos of Drake with Cabrera’s young daughter, he appears to be a loving and gentle animal.

The two officers evidently didn’t see that, and one of them shot Drake in the eye, permanently disabling him. Edwin Ayala, Cabrera’s husband, was “three seconds too late”, and pulled into his driveway where police were standing over his dog.

Drake was immediately taken to the veterinarian, where they were able to save his life. Unfortunately, the police induced gunshot wound cost the family $3,000 in bills. GoFundMe, a crowdsourcing website, was where Cabrera first turned with her story in order to gather money to save her beloved pet.

Pictures from the incident were so gruesome that they had to be taken down from the page, but Cabrera still used it as a platform to draw attention to her dog’s plight. “Our dog has suffered severe trauma to his head and eye, and will now be disabled for the remainder of his life. The vet had to remove his eye, which was completely ruptured, he has brain damage and shattered bones all in his face. His nasal cavity has also been destroyed. The vet could not believe the damage that this all did, she said if it happened to a human we would be dead because the impact was so hard it destroyed all the muscles and nerves in his face.”

The senseless brutality her dog was subjected to continues to haunt Cabrera. “They could have approached him in a friendly manner,” she explained. “They didn’t have to shoot him.”

Drake is currently improving, and recently had his stitches removed. He now wears an eye patch to cover the scars the LAPD left him with. “It is disgusting and so wrong that this happened to him,” Cabrera said on her fundraising page. “We are asking for help in guidance with this unfortunate event, we don’t know what direction to take as far as receiving help for these crazy vet bills or with filing against LAPD for the brutal force used against our dog.”

The family have already reached their $3,000 goal for Drake’s surgeries, and have even surpassed it by $368.

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