Former cop poses as “Brazzers” porn agent to sexually exploit a minor

TREMONTON, UT– Former officer Jeremy Rose has been accused of tricking an underage girl into believing she would be a model for the pornographic website Brazzers.

Rose was an officer with the Tremonton Police Department and worked on sexual abuse cases in Box Elder County. According to court documents obtained by Fox 13, the investigation into the incident began in May of last year, when agents outside of Box Elder county were brought in. In the spring of 2012, the then 15-year-old girl was contacted via email by someone claiming to be a “Brazzers” employee soliciting her for modeling work. The minor mentioned the email to Rose, who then stated he knew people who worked at the website and “would put in a good word for her.” Rose then went to extraordinary lengths to fool the girl into thinking she was sending photos of herself to the website. He set up multiple email accounts, as well as creating fake social media profiles.

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Rose told her to send photos of herself to him so he could forward them to his friends at Brazzers. The girl sent nude and semi-nude photos and received $300. Rose also paid for half of her iPhone, claiming the money came from Brazzers. When the teen emailed the person she believed to be a “Brazzers” agent that she wanted to make more money, she was told by “Tom Warrington” to send more photos of herself with less clothing. She decided to stop sending photos and emailed “Tom” that she wanted to quit, and was then threatened. “Tom” told her she was violating her contract, and would be sued for thousands of dollars. She stated she was a teen, and couldn’t be held to a contract like that.

A follow-up email from “Tom” stated that he had lost $5,650 because she’d quit, and she needed to work off the debt by sending more pictures. The teen feared she would be exposed if the photos were made public, and continued to cooperate, but shared with her boyfriend that she thought “Tom” was really Rose.

The situation quickly warped into some kind of cautionary Lifetime movie. Rose showed up at the victim’s work, and read messages on her phone, specifically the messages to her boyfriend where she aired her suspicions. After he deleted all her emails and “wiped” the contents of her phone, he left. He later approached the girl and said he wasn’t impersonating anyone and that they were both being sued by “Brazzers”.

In June of last year, police felt they had enough evidence to obtain a warrant, and searched Rose’s residence. Among the items seized: a bag containing five cell phones, a thermal imaging camera and a fold-up survival shovel. Some of the phones were ones used by the minor to send photos to “Tom” and Rose.

Investigators confronted Rose about the teen’s conversation with her boyfriend that Rose was masquerading as a “Brazzers” agent. He told the investigators that he’d been trying to talk her out of doing that kind of modeling. “I told her it was a bad idea and I told her not to, not to even dick around with it and I will leave it at that. I’m going to leave it at that.”

Rose’s wife didn’t leave it at that, and told investigators that he had admitted to her that he was tricking a minor into sending him photos, but that he’d been doing it to “protect” the teen.

Further searches show the depths of Rose’s depravity. On a cell phone seized when Rose was apprehended were explicit photos of the girl. On his laptop, which was assigned to him by the Trementon Police Department, thousands of other photos were discovered, and “appear to have been surreptitiously taken of her while she was returning to her bedroom from having a shower or bath.” He was also using hidden cameras to capture the girl in vulnerable moments, revealing a disturbing level of obsession with her.

Rose faces 14 felony counts of sexual exploitation, obstruction of justice and voyeurism.


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