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You used to be able to call them for help…

Jonathan Ferrell is dead from multiple gunshot wounds after a car wreck that had him stumbling around the neighborhood frantically looking for help. After crashing his car, Ferrell ran to the nearest house trying to get assistance when a woman called 911 after he banged on her door.


Officer Kerrick has been placed in jail on a $50,000 bond

Police arrived and when Ferrell began limping in their direction they predictably began to deploy their tasers, which malfunctioned. Another officer then reacted by pulling out his weapon and killing him. All three police involved have been put on paid leave including Randall Kerrick who has been charged with a felony, voluntary manslaughter.

  • Mike

    This man needs to be in prison. You don’t shoot someone who is stumbling towards you.

    The libs want gun Control? LEARN TO CONTROL THE POLICE FIRST. Then call a Constitutional Convention.

    But STOP trying to take my rights because of your fear!

  • Glenn Green

    American Law Enforcement is so worried about their own safety to the point were they are worthless to the average American citizen. America was founded to be different than any other country , a place where the Liberty of every citizen is supposed to be the primary purpose of the Government. Instead we have literally millions of Laws that control and limit our personal Liberty to the point where it doesn’t exist anymore. All law enforcement needs to be disarmed until they understand shooting people and their pets for any reason is not an option. The safety and well being of the American citizen is paramount = treating citizens like enemy combatants is un Constitutional and cannot be allowed in any form = any Cop that thinks it is alright to command citizens to lay face down in the dirt needs to be removed from that position. Cops shoot Americans every day with impunity and get a paid vacation after every incident . Any American that tries to defend themselves against out of control law enforcement is either immediately shot and/or branded a felon and imprisoned for decades. A cop can walk on to my property and shoot me or my dog immediately if they feel threatened and no action will usually be taken against them = if I feel threatened by the police and their dogs I am not allowed to defend myself = something is fundamentally wrong with this. This is not what our founding fathers had in mind when they created this Democratic Republic.