Top 6 Books Every Libertarian Should Read At Least Once



6. For a New Liberty

Last but not least is a great book by Murray Rothbard. Although it might be possible to read For a New Liberty before reading any other libertarian books, it would probably be better to have read at least one of the books on this list before diving into this book. Rothbard talks about the classical liberal heritage of America, natural rights, economics, personal freedom, and how a stateless society might function. Yep, this book advocates anarchism. Whether or not you agree with Rothbard’s arguments, the book is well worth the read for the other material, and it’s a great juxtaposition to the Ron Paul and Ayn Rand books that prescribe constitutional or minimal government. This book is a great exploration of basic libertarian principles taken as far as they can go and shows why Rothbard was known as Mr. Libertarian.

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