NEW POLL: 62% of American Voters Want Gary Johnson in the Debates

QU Poll Reveals Americans Want to Hear More from Johnson

by Kyle Perkins

Recent polling data from Quinnipiac University shows that 62% of American voters want Gary Johnson to be in the presidential debates.

This is a legendary game-changer for the 2016 election, as it means that people are speaking out in favor of a legitimate candidate. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton could potentially get shares as small as 38% of the vote if the Presidential debates include Johnson.

Meanwhile, most Americans might prefer to vote for a third-candidate instead. That’s where Johnson comes into play. The American People have the opportunity vote for a choice that most can get behind, unlike Trump and Clinton. On the other hand, 68% have not heard enough about him to formulate an opinion.

The opportunity here for the Liberty movement is to tell as many people as possible about him. That way, people will know who Johnson is and why to vote for him. But of course there are a few things to get people interested in electing him that don’t relate to politics.

One of them is the fact that he has climbed the tallest mountain on each continent. Johnson could easily earn the “athletic” vote if that is the best-known thing about him. Though he only enjoys 10% support, this could greatly increase if Libertarians raise awareness of him and his candidacy. This concerns not just his political stances, but also the non-political facts about him as well.

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