Johnson Super PAC Spends $1 Million on National Television Ads

First National Ad Supporting a Third Party Candidate

By: Elias J. Atienza

Purple PAC, a Super PAC headed by former Cato Institute President Ed Crane, has spent $1 million on ads for national television in support of Libertarian Presidential Nominee Gary Johnson.

The ad centers around how Donald Trump “offends everyone” while criticizing Hillary Clinton for “say[ing] anything to get elected.” The ad offers Johnson as “the honorable choice for a change.”

“We’re hoping to generate enough support to get up to 15% in the polls,” Purple PAC President Ed Crane told CNN. “If he’s in the debate there’s no telling what might happen.”

Purple PAC’s ad will run from Friday to Thursday, with Crane telling CNN that they might extend the run.

Johnson has raised more than $3 million dollars so far in August, which is more than the $2.3 million he raised in his entire 2012 campaign. According to CNN, he has not purchased any television ads, though a Johnson Super PAC has spent $65K on ads in Maine.

Watch the ad below:

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