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Donald Trump May Not Appear on Minnesota Ballots? (AUDIO)


By: Kody Fairfield

UPDATED: 8/27/16 The following interview with Michael Brodkorb reveals that the GOP is in danger of losing their major party status if Donald Trump doesn’t qualify for the ballot.

In Minnesota, it appears that Donald Trump and Mike Pence were almost left off of voter’s ballots due to chaos within the state party’s ranks, seemingly dating back to the state party’s convention.

According to the Secretary of State website, the filing date for major parties to appear on voters ballots is August 29. This includes the paper work for the primary candidates themselves, and a selection of 10 presidential electors and alternate electors.

As of late Wednesday, August 24, and even early Thursday, August 25, it appears that the Minnesota GOP had not filed any of the proper paperwork to place Trump/Pence on the list of eligible candidates for president. In fact, according to Michael Brodkorb, a public relations executive, not only did the Minnesota state party not have the paperwork filed, but at their convention, they did not follow protocol by even electing alternate presidential electors. Beyond this Brodkorb, is saying said that the it party is risking missing the deadline.

The Minnesota Republican party has responded by saying that they have “appointed” alternate electors, however Brodkorb contends that under Minnesota’s constitution, these appointments do not hold water.

As it stands right now, it looks as if the Minnesota GOP, in a whirlwind to fix their incompetence, has broken its own constitution to submit paperwork to the Secretary of State, who has told ABC news that Trump and Pence will appear on the ballot. However, Brodkorb doesnt seem satisfied with this answer, even adding that though he is shown on the filing page, he is not on the sample ballots.

Updates 8/26/16:

Michael Brodkorb calls into Liberty Coast 2 Coast to discuss and break down all of the Minnesota ballot issues for Trump

The Republicans for Johnson-Weld on Facebook have started to run ads in Minnesota on Trump voting mess. -Michael Brodkorb @mbrodkorb

Updates 8/25/16:

Paperwork signed and certified by Minnesota Republican Party chair Keith Downey, shows that presidential electors, and alternates were  “elected” to those positions. An event that never took place.

UPDATE: Legal document signed by #MNGOP is very problematic. They’re certifying an election that DIDN’T happen -> pic.twitter.com/rKCvDTSbHc

An alternate elector has come forward to confirm the appointments and that no election was held.

GOP Chairman Downey admits to approving of alternate electors last night. Possible legal problems ahead?

Now Confirmed that at least 5 alternates were not elected to their posts.

Michael Brodkorb appeared on The Michael McNeil radio show, a Minnesota based program to discuss all the latest details.

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