Scientists Conclude BOTH Presidential Candidates May Be Psychopaths

Trump, Saddam & Hillary

Psychologists Study Trump’s Mindset & Found it Slightly better than that of Saddam

by Kyle Perkins

Some mental health scientists did a study of the psychopathic traits of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. One of the findings was that both of them had fewer moral flaws than Saddam Hussein had.

This is simply precious to me because I have been a libertarian, including Libertarian Party material, for exactly as long as I have been a supporter of the end of the Hussein regime.

Hussein and his regime were much worse than the two candidates of 2016 in terms of psychological health. Of these three, Hussein was the one callously breaking the golden rule from an absurdly young age. Also, Trump and Hillary have the common ground of not benefiting from Unstable surroundings. For example, neither one has any interest murdering Israeli atheists & deists with SCUD missiles, something Hussein constantly did. Also, these two don’t sponsor murders of Iraqi ambassadors to America like Hussein did to American ambassadors to Iraq.

I think it is rather easy to see how exactly none of the findings these scientists did is any kind of shocker, nor should it be any kind of shocker. Hillary is a sociopathic manipulator who tells you what you want to hear. And Trump is one for speaking his mind no matter how ignorant it proves him to be in reality.

But this study is of no surprise to me, as Saddam Hussein was a genocidal tyrant who also kept up the worst prison conditions in Iraqi history. Hillary is in too much of a “keep everything as-is” mindset to consider Saddam-style prison keeping legitimate. And Trump is far too busy having no core values to really know how Hussein kept Iraqi prisons.

Was Saddam into ‘Peace, Commerce, & Honest Friendship’?

Hussein had this vision in his head: he obsessed over recreating the Babylonian Empire with him as the emperor. And he was ready to use non-defensive force against anyone who objected to his policies. No matter the peacefulness of the objection. To be fair though, neither one of the 2016 candidates want free trade, honest friends and stable allies either. This is whether it is Trump wanting an alliance with Russia and not with anyone in NATO, or Hillary wanting us to keep our current unstable alliances.

As to conclude this article, I think both 2016 candidates see the world prematurely and have little if anything to offer in the way of factual policy offers. I also see the world objectively: I think that liberty has enemies and we need to defend from them. I don’t believe that letting Saddam stay in place would have been helpful to the American People or to Liberty.

One thing I will agree with mainstream libertarianism on is that it is not the US Military’s job to impose democracy. But it Is the military’s job to make sure foreign entities are acting in ways which are respectful to everyday American civilians. Which is why I consistently call for a “Constitutional Egoist” foreign policy. This means a foreign policy of Ethical Egoism, with the US Constitution as its sense of Right & Wrong.

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