A Guide To Cointiply: A Bitcoin App That Actually Pays

The elusive promise of earning Bitcoin through an app is littered with scams. It’s a tale as old as Bitcoin. There are endless apps known as Faucet Apps that promise to pay you Satoshis, the bigger the promise the more likely it’s a scam. If an app promises to pay you Satoshis right up front for a five star review in the Google Play Store, you can bet it’s a scam.

There are only a handful of apps in the endless sea of scam faucets that actually will pay out, and I’ve found the most dependable and trusted to be Cointiply.

Cointiply is not available as an App in the Apple or Google stores, but it is available as an APK App for Android devices, and provides a better experience for Android users than running through a mobile browser. If you have an iPhone, you have to use the Safari browser without an App, but that’s what you get for owning an iPhone.

Getting started on Cointiply can be a bit confusing, causing many to give up early. This is a guide for new users written by a senior (non-moderator) user. 

First, Cointiply does not award you in Satoshis. You are awarded Cointiply Coins, the currency of the app. It is a static/fixed system that does not move with the price of Cryptocurrency. 100 Cointiply Coins is the equivalent of one penny. You can withdraw your coins to DogeCoin, Dash or LiteCoin wallets when you have accumulated a minimum of 30,000 coins ($3 USD) or you can withdraw to a Bitcoin wallet with a minimum of 50,000 coins ($5 USD).

Generally, my payouts range from $5 to $13, depending on whether I’ve hit the $5 mark in one day, and if not doubling it up on the 2nd day. But I generally recommend sending to your wallet whenever you are able, as the price of Bitcoin can indeed go up faster than you can earn Cointiply Coins. I generally earn anywhere from $25 to $40 every week, sent to my Bitcoin wallet. So while it does not promise getting rich quick, it does make good on its promise to actually pay. This also adds up over time, and if Bitcoin does what I think it will do, it’s a get rich over time thing. I do it mostly during the kids’ tv time.


It is also worth noting that the payouts are not instantaneous, as Cointiply pays a large number of users simultaneously in batches. I’ve received my payout in as little as four hours, but also as long as two days. On average I have received my payout to my wallet in just under 24 hours.

So now that we’ve talked about Cointiply Coins, the next thing to talk about are Cointipoints. These are separate points that you earn, by doing the same thing you do to earn coins. These points can be used to buy boosters, which will boost your earnings for a limited duration as consumables (4 to 24hrs), or permanently as equippable. We’ll get back to these boosters later, since you have to earn and level up for these to be available and effective.

As a new user on Cointiply, you start at Level 1. The maximum Level is 99 (I am currently Level 72). You have to earn coins to level up, and the more you level up the more bonus coins you earn on any individual offering. You earn coins to level up, and you level up to earn more coins. A simple bitcoin loophole review might be good too. 

So let’s discuss earning and leveling up. We’ll start this by addressing the elephant in the room. You do not earn coins by chatting. The chat is called “chat and earn coins” and not “chat to earn coins.” It is simply a place to chat, but the chat also houses what is called the Rainpool.



The Rainpool: This is pretty much a bonus divided amongst users who qualify for the pool, and starts over every 30-45 minutes. You have to opt in (tap to qualify) to the Rainpool before the raindrop indicator reaches half full in order to qualify. Your bonus payout depends on the total bonus amount and how many coins you have earned for the day (new day begins at 8PM Eastern Time). The more you have earned for the day, the bigger your percentage of the pool will be.



The Free Coin Spin: You can do this every hour. This is a free roll that rolls a number between 1 and 99,999. The higher the roll, the more coins you can earn. There is also a bonus if you roll a prime number.



The jackpot associated with the free spin always seems to be awarded once it’s in the 500,000 coin range ($50). The Jackpot requires a roll of 99,999.



PTC Ads: These are ads that you can view that last anywhere from 5 to 40 seconds, and pay between 5 and 50 coins depending on length. The buck of available ads resets everyday and 8PM Eastern Time. While new ads may become available throughout the day, there will always be a fresh slate of ads when the day resets.



Daily Video Ads: This category shows video ads that are generally about 20-30 seconds in length. There are usually about 14 video ads available, and these reset 24hrs from when you last viewed them all.



Surveys: This is realistically where you are going to make most of your coins and level up. Depending on length, surveys pay anywhere from 500 to 15,000 coins depending on length. This is going to be your fastest way to earn coins for giving your opinion on anything from movies to online shopping to politics. My preference for completing surveys is through Theorem Reach surveys, as they give partial credit if you do not qualify for the survey. 



Note: If you ever receive an error on a theorem reach survey, when you exit out a screen will pop up asking what went wrong. Always select the reason “other” which will allow you to enter your email address associated with Cointiply and a text box to describe the error, and Theorem Reach will award partial payment.

Offer Walls: If you were planning on signing up for a Disney+ bundle, doing so through the Cointiply offer wall will give you back about 64,000 coins, or about $6.40 to your Bitcoin wallet. There are also a number of free trials you can try, apps you can download, or games you can play to earn coins.



HideoutTV: This is a video streaming app that streams short videos with ads for points. This is a separate app from Cointiply, but you can send your points to Cointiply. 1 Hideout point is the equivalent to 5 Cointiply Coins. I have an old spare phone connected to WiFi that I stream HideoutTV from all day. 

Promo Codes: Occasionally Cointiply will post Promo Codes that you can enter for 99 free coins. The best way to obtain these codes is to follow Cointiply on Twitter and subscribe to their notifications. They will Tweet a promo code as soon as it’s available.

HideoutTV also has promo codes, but they are not very active on Twitter. They tend to post their promo codes on Facebook.

Consumable and Equippable Boosters: Now we get back to Boosters which were briefly mentioned towards the beginning of the article. You are able to buy Boosters with either Cointiply Coins or Cointipoints that you earn alongside coins. I would recommend spending only points on Boosters rather than coins.



Note: The Booster purchase feature cannot be used from the APK App, rather only on a mobile browser. But once you have used the browser to activate this feature, you can earn coins from the App (Android only) and receive the boost.

Boosters are stackable, and there are two types: Equippable and Consumable.

Equippable Boosters are permanent, and at the Level 70 range I have 4 permanent slots for these. I have three in the 3% range and one in the 2% range (waiting to obtain that fourth 3% boost to drop the 2%). This is a permanent 11% earning boost on any activity I do, whether ads, surveys, rainpool or faucet roll.



Consumable Boosters are temporary and limited duration boosters that last anywhere from 4 to 24 hours. At the level 70 range I have 8 slots for consumables that I can stack.



Between stacking these Boosters (both Equippable and Consumable) you can earn a really good amount if you are prepared to do a few surveys, or if you have accumulated a good amount of HideoutTV points that you are ready to send to Cointiply.

Between all of these facets, while Cointiply is not a get rich quick scheme (but I would argue is a platform that rewards handsomely over time), Cointiply has created a system that rewards loyalty, and pays nothing to flakes. 

Over the course of a few short months, I’ve accumulated a little over $600 in my BitCoin wallet from Cointiply. This is highly preferable to not having that extra $600 in Bitcoin, which I have not had to use my own money towards. Hint: Going to town on this app when BTC was down to $30,000 last month really helped. It does take a little free time. But while some people nickel and dime themselves to death, why not accumulate a whole lot of nickels and dimes into Bitcoin, especially if you happen to be a Bitcoin Bull like me.

Sign up for Cointiply at this link.

Disclosure: The link to Cointiply provided in the article is a referral link, and does award the author of this article a bonus, at no expense to you. If you feel the information in this article to be beneficial and decide to register, then I would encourage you to use the hyperlink in the article to sign up as a reward for my work. If not, you can sign up directly on Cointiply’s website without linking from this article.

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