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LOS ANGELES, CA– Some may remember the harrowing case of cop-killer Christopher Dorner. Last year the former cop went on a rampage in California, sending people into a heightened state of vigilance. Yet the actions taken by eight LAPD officers stray from vigilance into excessive use of deadly force.

While guarding a high-ranking officer they feared was on Dorner’s hit list, the officers happened upon two women who were delivering newspapers in a blue Toyota Tacoma pickup truck. The officers apparently mistook the truck for Dorner’s, even though he drove a charcoal Nissan Titan pickup truck.

With no warning, the eight officers unleashed a hail of bullets, firing 103 times at the truck carrying Margie Carranza and her 71-year-old mother Emma Hernandez. Carranza, then 47, was cut by flying glass, her mother was shot in the back. Miraculously, both women survived.

None of officers will be fired, or even suspended for failing to identify themselves as police or to ensure the car was indeed Dorner’s before opening fire. They will only be required to take a little more training.

The Commission, after its investigation earlier this month, stated the officers were not at serious fault, even though they violated the Los Angeles Police Department’s policy.

Chief Charlie Beck insisted that this shooting was simply the result of “a tragic cascade of circumstances that led to an inaccurate conclusion by the officers.”

This conclusion is absurd. Police should be held accountable for firing on two innocent and unarmed women, and their incompetence should be outed rather than dismissed as a “tragic cascade of circumstances.”

Citing the tense atmosphere Dorner’s tirade had created as just cause for the shooting withers under scrutiny. Police are supposed to be able to deal with these increased pressures through the course of their training, but as is increasingly the case, officers often shoot first and ask questions later regardless of the circumstances.

The mother and daughter, though traumatized, received a settlement from the LAPD for $4.2 million dollars.

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  • Shane Henrik Lamminparras

    At least they got paid. But they should all be fired on top of that. Fucking morons.

    • Brakechute

      Yeah, they got paid, by the taxpayers. Unless I misread something, only 8 specific taxpayers (I assume they are taxpayers anyway) were responsible yet the rest are footing the bill. Maybe the officers involved got a stern talking to, and that hurt their feelings, so it was punishment enough.

      • Shane Henrik Lamminparras

        Very true. It’s bad on all accounts but they at least got compensation for the wrong doing upon them.

      • Daniel Kraemer IV

        I’m sure they (the cops) received some sort of counseling for the “trauma” they endured……..

      • William Howard Mend

        BTW, the Cops are not taxpayers..The Real taxpayers pay their salaries….so…

    • Lawrence Brown

      Shane they should be shot in the dam head till dead
      the punks

  • James Hunter

    Police are held to a higher standard than an ordinary citizen, the testing and psychological evaluations should have weeded out these particular officers..
    Maybe a sad commentary on their training and procedures.
    More training and no duty in the field.
    Put them all on school crossings and traffic.

    • patrickhenry1

      On the contrary, it appears they are held to a lower standard – or to no standards at all. If you as a citizen fired even one shot at someone, you would be made to answer for it, not forgiven on some flimsy excuse.

      • john gregson

        very high standards and their employers are getting what they want, Impulsive, narcissistic personality disorders who will follow orders, getting that combination together is very difficult

    • Tonihka

      Wow, 5,000 innocent people have been killed by cops since the start of the Iraq war. Many times it was straight up murder, like Kelly Thomas. More civilians are dying because of cops than Soldiers by enemy in the same time table. We live in a police state and there are hardly any good cops. All of them abuses their power in some way.

    • gw111

      That’s a great idea. Let them learn protecting children.

    • Jay Smith

      problem is those evaluations that you would think should keep them from being cops is actually what gets them hired!! the police force does not want someone that can think for them self they want those that will follow orders

  • Abigail Moreno

    4.2 million tax dollars

    • Jeffrey Wimmer

      Exactly! Do you think the LAPD cares that $4.2 Million must be paid out? Of course not, it doesn’t come out of their budget, but it should. Take $4.2M out of their budget sure would cause them to take SOME kind of action. Have that happen a few times, as properly adjudicated by a judge, and they will finally be reigned in. This is beyond outrageous.

    • Tom Duritsky

      And they weren’t fired, thats a damn shame, the chief should had been fired…

  • Tom Casarella

    Can you imagine if it was the other way around and used that excuse.

  • Mike E. Cooney

    PIGS-pure unadulterated pigs with guns. A most dangerous combination.

  • Kevin Genteman

    I am curious… What would have happened if the driver decided to save her life she needed to return fire and or run over the police with her car?

    How is a normal citizen to believe a group of 8 people firing at random are police. Even if they were in uniform. It sounds more like the start to a Steven Segal movie than real life.

    I know if people were firing on me i would aim my SUV right for them. I would be sure to take out a few before i left in a hurry.

    If that situation happened would have that woman been charged with assault of a police officer?

    If an off duty cop is a clown to me in public and i hit him and i am charged with assault of a police officer. Then the flip should be true, anytime a police officer violates his rules or laws he should be held to a higher punishment.

    • Rod Roberts

      I have seen a drunk cop start some crap in a night club and get his butt kicked, then the guy who hit the cop was charged with assaulting a police officer who NEVER identified himself. The deck is stacked against US people, the cops can kill and walk away free.

      • Marbran

        Read Radley Balko’s “The Rise of the Warrior Cop” to understand how we got here.

        Surprising spoiler: beginning with Nixon, Reagan and Bush #41 were behind the militarization, with full backing from the Dems, all as part of the so-called “War on Drugs.” Reagan drug czar William Bennett even once said that he would support the beheading of drug dealers if Congress would authorize it.

        Our fellow ‘Americans.’

        • Ronald Green

          You forgot Clinton, whose administration is responsible for the Branch Davidean massacre. Funny how Libs always forget that.

          • Marbran

            Oh, I didn’t forget him, or Bush Jr. Add in Obama today, too.

            Politicians have made illegal so many things in order to get as many Americans as possible to have a RAP sheet. Once a person has a criminal history, it is easy to coerce them or shut them down. That was the plan all along. And a lot of people got very, very wealthy in the process, along with millions of families broken apart. This was all by design. The evidence is all there. Their own statements are on the record.

            It is, was, and always will be about power and control.

          • Andre Maunsell

            How about how they claimed flashbangs are not incendiary devices yet if you read the accounts of the killing of Aiyana Stanley-Jones a 7 year old child who was set on fire by a flash bang and then seconds later shot in the head by a cop. Brings the Branch Dravidian’s fire into perspective. Aiyana Stanley-Jones was killed under the watch of Obamalamadingdong the first.

        • Andre Maunsell

          Most Asian countries have the death penalty for various drug related offenses. Just an FYI on that.

      • whodowetrust

        In this town a cop shot a man in a bar for no reason and in front of several patrons.He did get charged,to my shock.Never drink and carry a weapon with you.At least a few police get held accountable,though too few.

    • Andrii Koroviev

      Hold on to your guns tighter. It seems you might still need them…

    • There was a case in NY a few years ago with that same scenario. A man and his friend came out of a strip joint and some random guys (turned out to be undercover government thugs) started to ask him questions and the guy freaked and ran to his car and ran (or at least hit) one of the government thugs. The government thugs shot at the car and killed the man and the government thugs were found not guilty.

    • n2oiroc

      shit like this double standard make my blood boil more than anything else. how can we get some accountability? who exactly is protecting these cops and making the decisions?

    • somesome11

      I think you know the answer to your question, the problem is none of us like or want to hear that answer.
      I completely agree with you, if you are given higher authority and privledge, then you need to be held to a higher standard and punished more severly for abuse of that privledge.
      Although to the other comments above, lets not go crazy and lump all peace officers in California together now, LAPD has a long history of being terrible at the best of times, and outright corrupt at the worst of times. I trust my local county sheriffs, and I know many cops who are damn good at their jobs, but most don’t deal with the shitstorms that are California’s large urban cities. Being an officer in Fresno or Oakland? No thank you, you couldn’t pay me enough to move to those cities.

  • Old Ga Dawg

    It’s a damn shame that these few cops that should be fired and charged with attempted murder of these innocent victims, only makes it 10 times worse on those officers that are only trying to do their jobs. The community should be up in arms and demand justice be done.

  • Rod Roberts

    The TAX PAYERS paid the settlement and the cops went FREE to do it again.

  • normajeana

    The LAPD doesn’t even fire cops who rape prostitutes- as in James Nichols and Luis Valenzuela…. department settled out of court with one of the victims, but the cops are still employed… any other serial rapists would hopefully be behind bars. To think that these cops can still call themselves ‘peace officers’ rather than “predators” is disgusting.

  • Teletwang101

    2 unarmed women tossing newspapers cause “trained” cops to open fire on them. That’s not unfortunate its irresponsible.
    ” We need to make sure that never happens again.” Is a liberal dodge of any responsibility.
    This is the big game, not practice. You F it up, even on accident, that’s your azz. No excuse. No apologies. We needs Pros. on the street not NYPDBlue/Roadhouse junkies who think its “cool” being a cop.
    To all the good cops, I’m sorry but the uniform is becoming stained beyond cleaning.

  • firstofthefallen

    In addition to this there is also the guy who was a victim of the LAPD during their Dorner manhunt. In that case the cop rammed his vehicle and opened fire. The poor guy was on his way to go surfing that morning. The same excuse has been used to excuse that cops actions as well.

  • LibertyDwells

    Have to deal with this in other ways then…

  • onefoxylady

    and during this same period of time, my grandson David was shot at while driving a similar truck to go surfing in Redondo Beach…4 bullets through the windshield and we know it was only by the grace of God that he was spared…these officers should be better trained…they almost left 2 small boys without a father …

  • picnicfun

    And you wonder why Donner was going after LAPD?

    • Paul Allen

      Actually, having dealt with and known many cops in SoCal, no, I didn’t wonder. I believe everything he said about them. I trust only a single cop (a CHP actually) in SoCal, and that is only because I know him. The rest, forget it. Having trained some SoCal SWAT, I would not trust a one of them as far as I could throw them.

      • Jay Smith

        then what does that say about the level of training you offered?

        • Matt K

          Jay, we don’t know what he taught or how many he trained. You’re questioning his credibility based on something out of his control. Please, put the jump to conclusions mat away.

        • Paul Allen

          You assume wrong. I trained them to hit a target with a sniper rifle, nothing more.

          You should not make assumptions.

  • John Jancar

    That seems like a good trade. You get shot once in the back, and get 4.2 million. I’d take that anyday lol

    But seriously, if this doesn’t warrant some punishment, what on Earth does. They literally shoot up a truck, no questions asked, not even confirming who’s in the vehicle. They simply see a truck, that somewhat looks like that of Dorner’s, and barrage it with an artillery strike of bullets.

    Absolutely no excuse for that, the stress of the situation is no excuse to abandon rational thought in such a way. To make such a terribly reckless and dumb mistake, warrants some punishment obviously, and that’s obvious to anyone and everyone…except the LAPD.

    Well we all know why, we all know the LAPD is among the most corrupt in the entire world, and they will look after their own, even when their own kills innocent people, or barrages a truck with 100 bullets for no real reason. This is exactly among the reasons Dorner went on his rampage in the first place, the absolute stupidity and corruption of the LAPD. Some folks never learn I guess.

    Even if they never intended to truly punish the officers, just as a matter of course, of keeping some type of face, they should’ve at least suspended them for such reckless endangerment of the public.The fact they didn’t even do that, speaks volumes for where they’re operating at, and how little they truly care about the public they’re supposedly there to serve.

  • Keith Lombard

    the courts failed again, its time to hit the reset button on the whole power supply. once we strip away what we dont need,just fill the positions we have left with good people. People,not politicians,once a person becomes the latter,they cease to be the former. and when change does come,and it will soon enough,let it be the ones with the courage to do what has to be done who are tasked with the job of protecting that new and hard earned freedom.

  • Andrii Koroviev

    What if a black teenager was in that truck? What if that was president’s own son? Well, at least, maybe, we would get some attention.

  • Mario Lawrence

    ….Dorner was a bad man. A very bad man. Out of control, and had to get put down.
    But……….. I can’t hold sympathy for the LAPD, if this how they respond to such things. In fact, if this kind of behavior continues into the future… I may end up singing praise to cop-killers as well.
    If they don’t want cop-killers being considered heroes, they need to stop doing things like this.

    They are police officers, they are held to a higher standard with how they treat the public.
    It’s a shame they are held to a lower standard when it comes to punishment for their wrongdoing.

    • Jay Smith

      when are people gonna learn these cops are not held to a higher standard or any standard otherwise they would be in prison for their actions

  • saintswife

    Money cures all, doesn’t it. Pay them off and allow cops to go about their (untended) business.

  • They were watching for :
    1 man (black)
    charcoal gray truck
    Brand: Nissan

    Without warning or drawing fire from, they shot at:
    2 women (white)
    bright cobalt blue truck
    Brand: Toyota

    Without warning, without being fired on, 8 trained policemen fired over 100 shots in a residential neighborhood, and only WOUNDED the target they made zero attempt to ID aside from it being a truck.

    They violated the basic rules of hunting, they didn’t ID what they were firing at before touching the trigger, and they used rules of engagement that’d lead to a court martial in our current war zone, against US citizens on our own soil.

    The officers are scared little girls that have neither the skill nor the intellect necessary to carry a firearm, and should have been dismissed and tried for attempted murder.

    Remember this story the next time some liberal tells you only those highly trained men in the police dept should have guns… you know, for our safety.

    • Mario Lawrence

      I better get me a truck from Toyota! If it can handle small arms fire that well. lol

      • Apparently the safest place to be when the LAPD fires at you is where they think they are shooting. How do you fire over 100 shots at two targets at near point blank range and miss.

        Who taught them marksmanship, Stevie Wonder?

        • Patrick Fallon

          the reason they missed is because they shit there drawers when the truck pulled up

          • Dona Prescott

            It’s THEIR drawers! YTF people can’t get this straight, I’ll NEVER KNOW! They aren’t using that stupid “Common Core” yet, are they?

          • Patrick Fallon

            Dona are you one that shit yours ,you Lib Tard

          • Dennis Gilley

            Watch your language you right wing nut job…..

          • Patrick Fallon

            don,t you flat foot tell me what to , your another that shit your drawers ,why don,t you just do the State a favor and Quit , you will never get away with telling me to watch my language what country you think your in, you fat donut eater right or left you are the nut job ,and you still have your job to play with with your little gun to shoot at some other person that did nothing you should be fired and strung up a the highest tree

          • DrumminD21311

            Learn to use grammar rules. You make everyone look dumber for being in the same conversation.

          • Patrick Fallon

            DrumminD21311 i think you need to slow up on the wacky weed ,now that they put you lazy thugs back on the pay roll

          • DrumminD21311

            That doesn’t even make any sense.

          • Robo

            What did her correcting your grammar have to do with being liberal?

          • Patrick Fallon

            Robo would you be in California ,if you were not a Lib Tard and scared to death of your job , they need to do like England take all guns from the so called police

          • Robo

            Residence in OR. Work in CA. I’ve gotten past the false left/right paradigm and realized most of them are rights stealing big government statists. Left & right wings of the same big government bird.

          • Guest

            Doubly so, as phrasing a question in the form of an object, even setting aside your colorful use of “YTF”, illustrates neatly the tiers of grammatical prowess.

          • Patrick Fallon

            it is very easy to tell you are on some thing ,you love your thirteen letter words ,get a job that the tax payers don,t have to, keep you

        • Keith T Belajonas

          Elmer Fudd apparently lol

        • abbygal64

          thank heavens they are piss poor shots!

        • ZeroDarkThirty

          Wait aren’t Imperial Storm Troopers just as bad at hitting their target? Hmm I believe there are similarities here.

        • Jim

          The other big question is, have you looked at the photo, how about what all those missed shots actually did hit.

        • Guest

          Ron White had a hilarious bit on this very subject. Apparently, somewhere there was a “kid” who fired EIGHT rounds and hit TEN people! One of Ron’s suggestions was that they give each cop a couple of handfuls of quarters and drop them off at the arcade once a week! He went n to talk about how the cops had fired 100’s(?) of rounds and didn’t even hit the Suburban (or some OTHER unmissable target) the shooter was riding in!

          • Travis Badjib

            actually saw a video where a cop jumped onto the hood of a car and fired down through the windshield at the driver of the car and still missed every shot

        • Jim

          Thank God they didn’t kill those women.

      • rokpaperskizzors

        Seriously! It also makes one wonder what loads they are using.

        Clearly less than lethal.

        • James Schulz

          That was a good thing!! Cops aren’t meant to be Judge, Jury and Executioner! I’m sure they are lethal enough if they actually knew how to handle a firearm!

    • kharaa

      it happened in california, what do you expect.

      • seanp

        California has the best police in the country. The worst police come from Texas, Montana, Wyoming, Florida, Missouri, And most of the Midwest and deep south. California prepares their officers with the finest training and dietary restrictions. You can thank fresh California fruit and vegetables for that. Most of ?Texas smells like perm solution.

        • kharaa

          Highest paid does not = Best

          I would say california is one of the most constitutionally devoid states in the entire union, and the massive police force that they require for it is pretty indicative.

        • Doug Alexander

          I do not think california has the best cops. Most of the ones that leave their force down there come up here to spokane, wash and hey guess what? Most of the shooting that the cops are doing up here are the cops that came from? Yes, calif? Now why would that be? The cops that fired on those 2 women should be fired and tried as the criminals that they are period. Wrongly selecting the wrong truck with the wrong passengers and then emptying their guns and reloading and emptying again which they would have had to do to fire that many rounds speaks volumes of the training and professionalism of those cops. You mentioned montana? Bet you a donut that a cop from montana would only need one shot.

          • abbygal64

            piss poor training

          • Rusty

            Lucky for the women they were …. Not that they should have ever been drawing their weapons to begin with.

          • Rusty

            Depends they are likely carrying 9mm -40SW Glocks with one chambered that is 18-15(?) times 8 so one mag each emptied. But yes same people up here do the shoots whether a preacher going out to see who is parked in his drive or a mental soldier driving around and finally stopping. Or a kid who leads a hi speed chase then hides in a field.(longest coroner listed cause of death “Homicide” … coroner fired.

        • Tonya Harwood

          and yet this did in fact happen in California not texas… wow

        • abbygal64

          they have many rogue cops if you haven’t noticed.

        • AZWarrior

          Tell that to the fireman who got arrested by the CHP officer for trying to protect fellow first responders by parking his truck to block on-coming from the scene, while rendering life-saving treatment. CA cops suck. And those pussies in Oakland who let mobs run wild and fire off gunshots in the street and throw bottles at cops as they run away? There’s some of CA’s finest.

        • seanp

          Thomas Jefferson on California- “Ahhhh, California…”
          Many of the founding fathers kept winter homes in the golden state. Enduring long train rides just to spend time in Los Angeles for a long weekend. Police in this amazing state are forced to deal with ignorant tourists from the east coast, the deep south, the north west, the south west, San Diego and the midwest. It’s state policy to fire up to 15 warning shots before actually hitting the target, which any California police officer could do when needed, as they are all military trained expert marksmen. 8 officers fired their 13 t0 15 warning shots, the women were perfectly safe. None of you have been to California, if you had, you’d know that Hollywood is responsible for the promotion and distribution of the finest fresh produce that all of you consume everyday. Ed Asner once said of California, ” i’m going to move there.”

          • rob wallace

            Millard Fillmore was president when California became a state, in 1850. Exactly what founding fathers are you talking about? Jefferson never went any further west than Virginia. The first trans-continental railroad wasn’t finished until 1869. AND… who gives a rat’s A$$ what Ed Asner thinks? LOL.. TROLL!!!
            These cops should be, at a minimum, fired. I believe they should be prosecuted.

          • seanp

            I’m not sure why you called me a troll, I’m just someone who cares deeply about his home state. I’m not sure about the railroad, i thought it was built in 15th century, i could be wrong. I’m pretty sure that some Presidents and statesmen had a few weekends in CA. maybe they used a hot air balloon? I’m tired of the disrespect we get, we make delicious fruit and almonds, along with orange juice and commercial earthworms that restore the weft of the soil. I tried to look up some of the things you claim are true, but there was something wrong with the resolution of my screen and I need a new mouse. I’m sorry if i’m off on some of my facts, I thought they were right.

          • Dona Prescott

            Railroads in the 15th century? Columbus only got to the
            Caribbean in 1492!

          • seanp

            Didn’t Columbus conceive the railroads? I’m not certain. I thought he was behind some of that business.

          • James Schulz

            Ever heard the statement, It’s better to let people think you’re an Idiot then to post (open your mouth) and prove it!

          • Dona Prescott

            They have good soil and optimum growing conditions in Cali. The only One who should get credit for THAT is God! Or are you referring to the infinite numbers of illegal immigrants being paid slave wages to do the work? I see no reason for pride in either!

          • seanp

            I know a lot about my home State. I’ve been on the ride “Soaring Over Ca.” at least 6 times at Disneyland. I also took Drama in community college and the teacher in that class knew a lot about history and whatnot. He told me a few things that have stuck with me. He graduated from Fresno state. I think that school is the equivalent of the ivy league schools in the midwest. Is that correct? Or am i thinking of another school. Sorry, i have a bad memory for certain things.

          • James Schulz

            I think you were born and raised in Disneyland!

          • seanp

            Why don’t you expand your mind and listen to some books on tape?!! If you did you’d have an idea of where all the delicious fresh produce I’m certain you neglect to eat comes from. That’s right! Chili. But it makes it’s way through California first where it’s inspected by the finest fruit officials in the nation. You should thank California every day for movies like Chronicles of Riddick and The Joy Luck Club (based on the best selling book on tape by Asian American and Californian Amy Tan). Burbank and El Segundo are beautiful cities that are currently enjoying a drop in murder by 1.4 and .9%. I was listening to a book on tape the other day, and I started to feel sorry for all the non-Californians who despise literature and the dramatic arts. Come check us out, I guarantee you’ll change your mind.

          • Strat O’Såurus®

            You really are a clueless muppet, aren’t you? The steam engine was first built by James Watt in the late 18th century (1775 was the patent extension date, IINM), and the first American steam locomotive was the Tom Thumb, some years later. The first company to use a steam locomotive was the Baltimore & Ohio Co., which started service in 1831.

          • Dona Prescott

            So what’s their excuse for Pelosi?!

          • seanp

            I’m not sure who that is. Is he the one that ran for President in the early 90’s? Or was that Ross Perui?

          • Bruno Daniel

            The women were perfectly safe… aside from being shot in the back.

          • seanp

            i think the back of the seat was shot.

          • Bruno Daniel

            From the article above, “firing 103 times at the truck carrying Margie Carranza and her 71-year-old mother Emma Hernandez. Carranza, then 47, was cut by flying glass, her mother was shot in the back.”

          • Patrick Fallon

            why were they not lucky enough, to shoot each other justice served

          • James Schulz

            Because they shot into the back of the vehicle.. Either way you look at it, it’s still shot in the back! I guess you think they deserved it, after all throwing a new paper out of a car could be viewed as polluting.. God forbid they should pollute your already jacked up state! You’ll all be glowing in the dark soon anyway due to radiation. If not that one day the the San Andreas Fault will decide to dump your worthless state into the Pacific. Surfs up dude!!

        • commonsenseisdead76

          But the LAPD should be sickand tired of screw ups like these. And for the chief to cover this up is also criminal!

          • Patrick Fallon

            just think in your mind what the chief covers up that no body ever finds out about ,he sticks for his donut eaters right or wrong

        • Robert Del Percio

          So we can find you on the street corner giving out BJ’s to the cops on payday? Cop loving P.O.S.

          • seanp

            What do you mean? My dad was a police officer. He was a very nice man. I do love my dad, so guess you’re right. Do you really mean that about me? I don’t do anything wrong. Why would you call me that?

          • Dona Prescott

            Think nothing of it! Just your typical cop hater, or worse: just a trend follower! WTF is a “BJ?” Do you mean a Benjamin, as in hundred dollar bill?

          • seanp

            Why would he hate all police? My dad’s policemen friends were all pretty nice in general. They did their job and had families. some of them got fired but i can’t remember why. i think they ruined someone’s property by accident. It was only two or three men on the force.

        • Fred Lakin

          In Texas they would have the balls to Identify the people and if they did shoot they wouldn’t have missed and this goes for all of the south

          • seanp

            I doubt that, Frederick.

        • Dona Prescott

          “dietary restrictions?!” Is it a police academy or yeshiva?!

        • Cindy Berry-Back

          Seanp if you think California has better police than all the other states you mentioned,your full of crap! You have a California mentality and can’t see past your nose! California has the worse of the worse as far as law enforcement and that includes lawyers as well.

        • John Doe the Troll

          Texas cops wouldn’t have missed these ladies.

        • James Schulz

          Watch your mouth seanp! Remind me again, how many cop cars it took to follow OJ in that comical low speed police chase?.. Yeah they do a wonderful job over there. I’ve never met anyone from California who had a grasp on actually reality. Put down the bong! Stop drinking fluoride. Or eating your tooth paste and paint chips..

          • seanp

            Relax, James, I’m not attacking LGBT rights. I’m on your side. A small list of native Californians that have more sense than anyone: Me, Einstein, Ed Asner, Martin Short, Billy the Kid, Goldie Wilson, Mark McGuire, Tom Brady, Pete Rose, Charles Lindbergh, Al Capp, and Red Buttons. Not to mention Buster Douglas,

      • SmokeyBehr

        The more liberal a city is, the more brutal you can count their cops on being. Look at LAPD, SFPD, Oakland PD, NYPD, DCPD, Chicago PD, and the PDs of all the surrounding suburbs.

    • Jay Smith

      wish i could like your statement a million times you hit the nail on the head perfectly!!

    • Marbran

      Great comparisons with the military and hunting. Kudos!

    • DrumminD21311

      How does this have anything to do with “liberals?!” Conservatives are the ones that push for gun ownership and are “tough on crime.” Liberals want to get rid of guns.

      • Anthony Edwards

        Liberals don’t want to get rid of guns. Liberals just want the people who use them to commit crimes to get caught and not be able to buy them again. They also want to make sure people who are deemed dangerous or have threatened people go through background checks that will hopefully keep guns out of their hands. That’s all.

        • DrumminD21311

          Depends on which “liberal” you’re talking about

        • Hi Anthony. Please see my reply to Carolet on same subject. The only people I’ve heard posit the argument that guns should be restricted to those in law enforcement have been liberals (or “progressives”… Pick a name).

          If you do not personally hold that opinion, great, but it doesn’t change the source from which that position originates.

    • CAROLE T

      Rob Jones, in the 1st place PAHLEEZE don’t go lumping all ‘liberals’ into YOUR self-created category!!!! I am quite liberal and this story has enraged me since it happened & I have brought it up MANY MANY TIMES. ….. it is simply ONE MORE INSTANCE OF COPS GONE WILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In this case, (and while of course I didn’t agree with Christopher Dorner’s approach to dealing with his issues) I absolutely did and still do believe that the things he stated in his manifesto were absolutely TRUE without any doubt!!! That ‘thin blue line’ DOES exist! These cops who attacked those ladies ALL need to not only be FIRED, but charged with crimes!!!! I am BEYOND ENRAGED that they are getting away with this!!!!!! Law enforcement everywhere seem to think that they are the military and us citizens are their targets!!!!!! I personally know from direct experience what it is like to be on the other end of police out of control FOR NO REASON when I was roughed up by a Vegas ROBO COP WITH LVMPD simply because I was stuck in the wrong lane at the airport there in Las Vegas! There is a VERY FINE LINE BETWEEN LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS & CRIMINALS ANYMORE. DO NOT put me in some ‘category’ that YOU have decided us ‘liberals’ belong in!

      • Carolet – the only mention I made of liberals was in reference to the oft repeated argument we hear coming from that quarter suggesting only the police should be allowed firearms. As this story illustrates, that is not necessarily the key to safety.

        If you personally do not argue on behalf of restricting gun possession to law enforcement… Good… But that doesn’t obviate the fact that argument is a staple among many many liberals. I’ve never heard it put forth by those on the right. Have you?

        • CAROLE T

          I am a registered Independent who leans left… actually due to the right wing I lean left more and more each day that passes. No I do not think that law enforcement is the only segment of our society that should be allowed firearms, I am all in favor of citizens arming themselves as allowed by our Constitution. I have numerous left wing friends and have never had any of them hold a position that only law enforcement should have guns and no I have not ever heard that from the right wing. Law enforcement USED to feel like ‘safety’ to me….. not ever again since I was badly bruised up personally for NO REASON as an at that time 56yr old breast cancer survivor with not even a parking ticket on my records who just happened to go to Las Vegas for a few days with my kids who wanted to renew their wedding vows and I needed that break after just having completed grueling months of caring for my elderly mother through her passing. I just hate the ‘labels’ applied in general. Have a nice day.

          • Carolet – understood, and agreed. Not all on the left argue that only cops/military should have guns… But when that argument is made, it comes from the left, not the right.

            For an example, see the response in this thread 2 hours ago from “permafrost” making exactly the point we’re discussing (ie- cops are the only ones that should have guns).

    • It’s worth noting that if the LAPD let these idiots off after investigating this case… They probably had an opportunity to see the pic above that shows the damage to the truck is in the rear.

      That means at the point all those shots visible in the back of the truck was fired, the vehicle had already PASSED those brave lawmen who peppered it with gunfire.

      After it had passed they still didnt know it had two white female occupants instead of one black guy?

      They didnt know after it passed if it was a Toyota or a Nissan?

      They didnt know if it was charcoal gray or bright blue?

      They didnt notice they hadnt been fired upon?

      How strenuous was this investigation? Does LAPD have ANY standards or is it just OK to use deadly force if you’re scared shitless and some idiot gave you a badge?

    • permafrost

      not only that they should have guns, but they should be the ONLY ones with guns…!

  • Harry Myers

    A little more training? These bozos couldn’t tell a blue Toyota with 2 women in it from a gray Nissan. How do you teach common sense?

  • z–man

    “To Serve and Protect”………..themselves.

  • Justin Sage

    That money should come out of the cop’s pockets.

  • Golie Ghoreishi

    Why am I not surprised. Corruption wreaks from top to bottom. They only they are really good at is covering up.

  • Will Turner

    Tom Casarella is right. If a citizen in fear of their life makes a mistake it’s jail time at least. But not for the police. And if you try to defend yourself against police who have made a mistake regarding you and your family, guess what? You’re a gonner. Every day that passes I see the police as the enemy a little more. I hate that. I very much hate that. I have always wanted to be for the police. Now they treat us like we’re the enemy until proven otherwise. They are TOO quick on the trigger and the stories keep coming out. All races are at risk. They recently erroneously broke in on an 80+ year old white man who they thought had drugs, surprised him in his sleep, and when they startled him awake and he reached for a gun to defend himself, his life was over. I just watched the video of cops in a national park shooting a man to death after they had him 3 or 4 to one, and let things escalate to the point where they had to open fire. They could have defused the situation earlier. They knew it was getting out of control. They even tased him. But instead of using their superior numbers to get things under control for the safety of EVERYONE they pushed him a little at a time until he got into a police SUV and they had to shoot him to protect themselves and innocent people nearby. Cops jobs are hard. But being a citizen at their mercy is hard too. And no punishment.

  • Patrick Fallon

    this is so bad they should never get away with this ,this should be appealed , these damn cops are getting away with way to much , the day will come when people will ,go looking for cops to shoot ,

  • Mike Adams

    If things like this are true and continue, I wonder how long becomes you mean its not started yet? The Civil War in LA? Not just rioting but out right warfare? Or there is likely more than the story told that is going on?

    What was the ladies doing? Was they driving at excessive speeds or failing to stop or .. Does make me wonder who is training the police these days in how to disable a vehicle? 103 rounds? Amazed they did not hit someone else by accident? We don’t need terrorists doing things to discredit the authorities, the police does a good enough job of it already!? or is there something missing in the story we are not being told? Rodney King, there was much more than just his being beaten and why and such.. The “REST OF THE STORY”?

    What is the response of pro-gun groups to this, or the pro-gun control groups? Maybe the police need to be UNARMED!? After all a powerful weapon for the police is numbers, radios and respect of those they are supposed to “serve and protect”?

  • Andy Kay

    Thats your money they gave those poor women!!! Not the idiots that were responsible, To add insult to injury, We meaning you taxpayers are still paying these morons, while County Sheriffs and City Police Chiefs are begging for more revenue, Via YOUR tax dollars…. The Government is like a net of chains and every bad government employee is a weak link in the chains. Make them be accountable and make it to a higher standard than the average citizen. With power comes responsibility, They need to be held responsible!!!! Andy Kay

  • David Meek

    On top of everything else they are lousy shots! Fire that many rounds and not do anymore damage than that should have been enough to get them fired.

  • Snap N McGarrett

    Oops, sorry about your truck That should buff right out.

  • Mr Tony

    To be honest, these two women were out at 4 AM, driving with parking lights only. They were delivering newspapers. Not on the cops side, but they were all ape-sh*t scared to death.

  • cptplanet

    I am so disgusted with the way things are.

  • FritzHead

    “A tragic cascade of circumstances”?

    Beck should be shot for coming up with that BS.

  • Michael

    To me what this case means, is police can just kill you and say they thought you were someone else, and escape all punishment. The fact that they didn’t kill these women was not from lack of trying.

    As far as I am concerned, any LA cop is a fair target for anyone, because they are crazed killers no better than any other criminal. Any cop gets killed in LA is a step in the right direction. And I fully support any decent police officer. But these guys are just dangerous thugs.

  • Okieflyover

    I hate to say that the fact that both people survived means they were terrible shots. 8 cops. 103 bullets. Did someone have to reload?

    I know that’s insensitive but are these guys even any good at what they do?

  • Randall Williams

    this exactly what s going to happen when Obama enacts martial law . people , it’s going to happen and real soon .

  • Donna May

    so please all my family don’t go anywhere.

  • Fred Marsico

    Still think gun laws are a good idea?

  • paulinsc

    More like a tragic cascade of stupidity.

  • Jonathan

    You have to be kidding me! Do not let this go! Demand justice! These officers should have already had this training! They belong behind bars! 2 people, innocent people, could have died! Are we going to sit here and let them let this go. We the people have more power than you know. We the people need to demand these officers are convicted to the fullest extent of the law. If they can just rain down bullets on anyone, and are not competent enough to take all measures to ensure they have the right people, then they do not need to have a badge! This is craziness! Stand up America! Do not back down or you could be next!

  • Wade Trisler

    You know all 8 of these officers should go to prison, they violated the code of conduct. What really surprises me is that they have to under go more training…why? I’ll tell you why, 8 officers fire 103 rounds of ammunition into a pickup occupying to people and they lived? I’m am glad that they lived, I wouldnt want to see innocent people killed by police, but they lived? Yeah I’d say they do need more training, might as well be blind folded if you ask me. You know that just shows that innocent bystanders could easily be killed from police firing their weapons, might as well be 5 year old’s shooting.

    • Jay Smith

      i know some 5 yr olds that can probably shoot better than the lapd cause they are horrible shots

  • Cranky57

    Well if they are going to be allowed to stay on the force I think the additional training should include learning how to shoot. Seriously, 103 shots and no one died. That being said, fire their dumb a__es for being so stupid in the first place.

  • Larry Franklin


  • Susan Brusco

    I quit having respect for police officers long ago, I have become even more firm in this attitude since moving to San Mateo and San Mateo county.

  • Selena Johnson Vinson

    they should have all been fired,,,,the truck was no where near a close match to Dorners,,his truck was a Nissan, and they were in a Toyota,,, if a cop can’t tell the difference between the two then they don’t needs to be cops

    • Jay Smith

      let alone the major difference in color not just make and last i looked a blue toyota looked nothing like a grey nissan

  • David Nelson

    Why, this is the kind of stuff Dorner was trying to fight against.

    • Mary

      NO, Dorner was an arrogant psycho that was pissed he got fired from the LAPD for lying about his boss and shooting himself in the hand during police training. Don’t make him out to be some vigilante, he killed people and terrorized the whole state.

  • Caniac Steve Henderson

    that should have been 4.2 trillion each

  • Tommy Shelton

    Like I have said before it is public employees never being held accountable for their mistakes

  • Max Kohnke

    Sounds like they are circling the wagons to fend off a lawsuit.

  • This is way out of line and these cops and many others are out of control !

  • Nancy of NJ

    There has to be more to this story, it was settled too fast. I’m suspicious, sorry. Who took the first shot(s) – is that person connected to some political guy or what?
    I respect most police officers but there is just something wrong about how this event ended.

    • Jay Smith

      its simple look at the basics blue toyota vs the suspects GREY NISSAN they are not even close they screwed up big time and knew it thats why they were paid off so fast

  • Fred Busch

    In these cases, how about taking the award money from the police pension fund.

  • Brian Folks

    These cops were guarding the home of a senior member of the LAPD and that is why they are being given a pass for their incompetence. The higher-ups at LAPD want officers that are guarding them to kill without following proper procedures .

    • Jay Smith

      another one hits the nail on the head i agree with you brian

  • American-By-Choice

    This is the result of Californication… Its incestuous and leads to chronic idiocy.

  • AngryLibertarian

    What kind of shitty attorneys did these victims have to only get $4.2 million for this atrocity? What about punitive damages, say, $100 million against the city and LAPD? Only when you hit THEM where it hurts will things start to change.

    • Jay Smith

      no the lapd does not get hurt by this no matter how much money the victim gets as they are not the ones paying it the tax payers are

  • RocksCryOut

    At least they don’t have to deliver papers anymore…

  • Jason Luedke

    They can use some of that money to buy an armoured truck.

  • wendy

    There’s no accountability. Any other profession your boss would fire you .

  • gw111

    I live in California and have called the cops a few times. Not once did they do anything to help the situation. The most dangerous thing you can do is be confronted by a cop even when your innocent.

  • gw111

    So if someone comes to your door and is carrying a gun your suppose to make sure they intend to use it. You can only shoot when you are sure they are a threat yet cops are not held to even this standard. This unbelievable.

  • To this day I would love to know what kind of dirt Dorner had on one of the biggest government gangs in the country. He had to have known something big given how insane the LA thugs went trying to capture him.

    Also where is that troll that complained the media only cares about government thug violence when minorities are involved? Two hispanic women where murdered by government thugs and I hardly saw coverage of this outside of some libertarian websites.

    • CitizenVet

      The women weren’t killed, just wounded…which is bad enough.

  • Jared Mickel

    Maybe the Police should be required to purchase and maintain EnO insurance like so many other professionals and business do. That way the tax paying public would not have to foot the bill for this kind of poor behavior, and even if the department fails to properly clean house, the insurance companies can price the dangerous, high-risk cops out of the profession.

    • RFalardeau

      Some places do require surety bonds, but apparently not all of them. You would think this would be a requirement in larger municipalities like LA, but apparently the city government has decided to just let the taxpayer pick up the tab. At least if we required a surety bond for every LEO, they wouldn’t be able to get fired from one town and just hop over to another to brutalize yet another population.

  • Erik Nmre Overn

    Just one more case of U.S.Government -sponsored-terrorism against We The People of These United States…using OUR money. The same punks that want to take away our guns so THEY can “protect” US. No thanks!

  • David J. Ingraham

    It is time for a 100 million dollar law suit against the LA Police department, with a billion dollar punitive damage claim.

    • ProperModulation

      Except not a penny would come from those at fault. The only loser is the tax payer.

  • Douglas P Mersino

    I say fire them all

  • Shane Yoss

    I’ve been seeing alot of articals about the out of control buttercupcops in Cali. Good thing they don’t live up here. I don’t think they would know how to handle a state where everyone is packing.

  • i just wish the women would have died one less thug on our streets the d.a cleared the shooting and no officers will be charged all our back on duty and cleaning the streets of our fine city good job all officers involed :3

  • gman68137

    Take the $4.2M out of the police retirement fund and see what kind of accountability would result within LAPD.

    • RFalardeau

      Bingo, what does he win! That’s exactly what I’ve been saying. IF, and that’s a big IF, there are still good cops left, then they will start cleaning this kind of scum out of the woodwork. You just need to present them with a financial incentive.

      • Jay Smith

        problem is any good cops are severely out numbered by the bad and if they try to make a stand are fired or have their life threatened or simply made a living hell till they quit

        • RFalardeau

          I know, just look at the sheriff deputy that pulled over the police officer that was speeding at 120 and weaving through traffic in FL. I was cheering when I saw her pull the guy out at gunpoint and arrest him. Then to find out that she was harassed, threatened and stalked by multiple PDs across the state. She has a lawsuit now, naming over 80 different officers for illegally accessing her personal information. So yeah, the good cops really don’t have a chance. They should just quit so we will know they’re all dirty and can deal with them appropriately.

  • i_want_you_to_think

    oh well they mistook innocents delivering propaganda with an arsenal of paper for a whistleblower delivering the truth with a “violent hit list ” of men whose careers he was going to end by whistle blowing. oh, well, fire away then. better to kill several innocents and one whistle blower than to live in a country with freedom of speech, let us support the troops who are fighting for our lack of freedom no matter how many other rights they take away by mistake in the process. .

  • Josiah Peterson

    Not surprised… This is one of many reasons I avoid LA as much as possible. I also avoid California when I can.

    • jagragg

      I don’t live there, but I was born there! BIG difference in 60 years…

  • Johnny Cirucci


    You are the ONLY source that got this story right.

    All of the other media Machine shills are running with the headline “Cops Violated Policy”…

    Really? Those trigger-happy banditos “violated policy”???

    The ONLY thing that saved those poor women was the amazing incompetence of their would-be executioners.

    • n2oiroc

      thats because the average citizen and the media think 99% of cops are heroes. if you dare speak out against them you are a communist, cop hating, criminal traitor. or they take the “its a tough job” approach. if they cant handle it, then get a new job.

  • Ronald O’Malley

    This country has lost control of itself. A Marine scout sniper team takes a piss on some dead Al-Qaeda fighters and we want to court martial, jail, and dishonorable discharge them but, cops firing over a hundred rounds on 2 unarmed American citizens without any justification at all requires no action? Let’s not forget they burned the house down with the suspect in it either. I’m sure that was lawful and by the book too. Law Enforcement starts wi…th holding those sworn to enforce it accountable when they break it! We all know what would have happened if those women would have returned fire on the police trying to kill them. They would be in jail for life and the cops would be given a medal. Seriously, if men dressed like cops just started shooting at you for no reason would you still think they were really cops? … Well Now that I think about it, living in the “land of the free”, I guess I would.

  • Ernest Murphy

    I would take a bullet for 2.2 million

  • Police are subject to the same rules and laws that citizens are subject too. They are citizens themselves, therefor they shouldn’t get special privileges. I’m not saying it’s okay to assault a police officer, but you shouldn’t have double standards.

    • Jay Smith

      again i can’t say this enough if it is not plainly obvious they are not subject to the same rules and laws that citizens are subject to if they were these cops would be in jail on trial for attempted murder,public endangerment,and gross incompetence or misconduct of duty

      • I am saying that they are supposed to be. Of course, corruption in our government has allowed cops to get away with more than they should.

  • Jay Smith

    this is b.s period they should be immediately fired and arrested on attempted murder charges the vehicle is not even close to what the guy was driving any idiot (other than lapd) would have known that this vehicle did not match the suspects vehicle and 103 rounds fired??? that is truly excessive and to me indicates a bunch of trigger happy cops just itching to shoot something

  • Must be a parallel universe where this would somehow make sense, [email protected] sure isn’t here.

  • Matt Dixon

    This isn’t about a lack of training, this is clearly what they are trained to do. Do They need more training because their unarmed victims escaped alive? That’s probably what the cops were reprimanded behind closed doors: “if you feel like shooting unarmed citizens, make sure you shoot to kill. We don’t need the publicity of costly lawsuits when they’re merely gravely injured by gunfire. Now run along you scamps.”

  • oOXOo

    We’re in trouble folks!

  • abbygal64

    cops are turning into terrorists!

  • n2oiroc

    so, the people that came to the conclusion that the cops didnt do anything wrong basically are coworkers and friends of the cops?

    if i ever do something stupid and get charged with something like murder, can i have my friends and coworkers make the decision on what happens to me too? it seems only fair.

  • Scott Morgan

    $ 4.2 million 4 8 jobs to be kept? Great job Los Angelas. You have got a bargain, The Obama admin would have spent much more.
    Seriously though, those “officers” should have been and still should and be face criminal and disciplinary charges. They have shown gross incompetence and should not be wearing a badge.
    To the citizens of LA, Rush out and get body armor, your police force is protecting you.

  • michael hardinger

    the training will involve learning the difference between bright blue and charcoal…

  • Not pro Israel

    There really is no need for police, we need sheriffs and civil deputies. The police have become nothing more than a civilian military executive branch hit squad. The USAF, USA and USMC do it abroad, here in the USA, our israeli trained cops are treating us like Palestinians… Yes, that is whats happening… the cops are being trained by the IDF in the USA… Look it up, ultra violence on us is standard, like the Palis to them….

  • Jay

    A complete & misleading travesty of justice.How much more corrupt does it get then that? The chief along with the idiot cowboy cops should not on be fired, but jailed!!

  • fmorgan09mm

    Wow 103 shots? They need more training all right… the firing range. 1 shot 1 kill.

  • SteveC73

    Just how low is the bar for being hired as a cop, retained on duty as a cop, or for doing competently what you are supposed to be doing?
    The Answer: What Bar?
    Wrong car; wrong gender in the car, and two of them, to boot; over 100 shots fired – nobody killed…which is good in the final analysis, but it wasn’t for lack of trying real hard, was it?

  • Marbran

    Oh, the women got $4.2 million? It’s all okay then.


  • DanInAustin

    At the very least they should be fired for being terrible shots.

  • akatom3565

    As a former officer all I can say is you have to be kidding me!

  • jhk

    Something has to be done about the ‘Peace Officers’ all over our nation! They seem to think that because they carry a badge it makes them above the law that they have sworn to uphold… and why would they not think that, when they don’t even get slapps of the wrist for shooting the citizens they have sworn to protect. Recently here in Dallas two officers shot a mentally impaired man sitting in a chair, just because he stood up as directed by the officers to do so… then they fired upon him and seriously injured him… nothing happens to the officers… also, recently an elderly man was killed in his own garage, because the officers cannot read and responded to a burglar alarm and went to the wrong address… again, not a damn thing going to happen to the officers! They are out of control and they are our own terrorists!

  • Mr Ghue

    LAPD….gotta say though, they do work some of the most dangerous streets in America.

  • H buck

    forget that they 103 bullets and did not neutralize the target. They should be fired for that alone! Two unarmed women in a truck that did not match the one they were looking for? This is why citizens do not trust police.

  • John

    Don’t forget they also shot at:

    1 man (white)
    Gloss Black Truck
    Make: Honda
    Model: Ridgeline

    But yeah, close enough. Good thing that I wasn’t around there and driving anything that was similar to a truck.

  • $25563280

    There isn’t a broad side of a barn in danger with officers like this.

  • Brad Kirby

    If these two women were black and screamed ‘racism’ all of those officers would have been fired.

    If I had thought Dorner was breaking into my house and shot a white man who was just at the wrong house I would be in jail the rest of my life.

  • Sapper22

    If this would have happened in Iraq in 2004 they would still be in Leavenworth

  • Dona Prescott

    Ron White had a hilarious bit on this very subject. Apparently, somewhere there was a “kid” who fired EIGHT rounds and hit TEN people! One of Ron’s suggestions was that they give each cop a couple of handfuls of quarters and drop them off at the arcade once a week! He went on to talk about how the cops had fired 100’s(?) of rounds and didn’t even hit the Suburban (or some OTHER unmissable target) the shooter was riding in!

  • Meri Justus

    I hope the police department pays for all the damages at least, and for the psychiatric visits these women are going to have to make. but they probably won’t, I would be scared to death to even go visit there, might get shot by a cop.

    • Dona Prescott

      Millions of dollars seems a bit EXCESSIVE to me, esp. since it’ll be the taxpayers footing the bill, as usual!

    • Dona Prescott

      The gangs roaming and shooting up the place would be what kept ME away from Cali! That, and the fact that I can’t think of a single reason to go there!

  • Dona Prescott

    If Cali people could ARM themselves, they wouldn’t have to be so dependent OR so afraid of their police forces!

    • libdevil

      If either of those women had fired back, there would have been another 30 cops firing and they would have died on the spot. And because the victims were armed and trying to defend themselves, it would be called justified and their families wouldn’t have gotten a dime. Hell, the trigger-happy thugs with badges would get commendations for starting the gunfight.

  • enzomedici

    These cops should all be fired because they didn’t ID anything. Wrong people, wrong color truck, wrong brad of truck. WTF?

  • Davethebrave

    They should have bankrupt the city. Should have gotten billions instead of millions

  • Paul Manning

    CA cops are jokes! there the laughing stock of all police enforcement. yet again there in the news. lets see. In law. and in training. never asked for i.d truck never even came close to a description of the suspect truck. And last time I checked If there knew who it was. they had a pic of the suspect. where does a woman begin to look like a man. Not only fires to many rounds in a residential area causing panic and unrest. these officers need to be fired and arrested from public nuisance, public endangerment, unlawful discharge of a firearm, and attempted murder. and if any of them are handicapped. endangering the life of a special needs citizen. If CA even has that law.

  • Michael Mahoney

    All 8 of them should be hung along with anyone who supports or defends them .

    • Jonathan
  • Mike Santino

    can’t go to the feds

  • Keith Bates

    Criminal, the cops who did the shooting as well! An expected show of CONTEMPT for Justice, right (versus WRONG) and common DECENCY, from one of thew most liberal places in the US.

  • Sonozaki Yukie

    4.2 Million may seem a lot but they could’ve died without even knowing why

  • DrumminD21311

    What…the…fuck? Why can’t the police fire other police?! If I go to work, and I start indiscriminately shooting people, I’m fired.

  • Sensei

    cops suck ! They need a visit from Dormer.

  • choke

    I have to ask, if it had really been Dorner, and they killed him without giving him a chance to surrender, would this be more of a controversy? Something tells me it might have. It seems that real criminals have much more protection than the innocent anymore.

    • Jonathan
  • Michelle Helms

    all i can say is, if i point a gun at you, you should be very afraid. production A first place. 50yds, ten rounds, pattern covered by a dime. son pattern covered by quarter. he was in high school. at age ten, 6th in TX in his age division 4H postal match. yes we’re from TEXAS! somebody needs to be re-trained in target acqusition and elimination.

  • JCW

    We are no longer a nations of laws, but of lawless men with no accountability. My questions is – what are YOU going to do about it? Just a thought.

  • Michael Sievers

    Masters are never punished for whipping their slaves…

  • Trace Smith

    The day will come when the innocent decide not to be victimized by people that are clearly out of control!!! You can back a scared dog into a corner..but watch out when you block him from trying to get away from you….you will have no one to blame but yourself. We as Americans should all be fighting for 1 cause…our basic human rights afforded to us by wise wise men who wrote our Constitution…it was for US ALL— to peruse freedom and happiness if we lived by these simple rules.

  • dabub

    The new Amerika! Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! Shoot some more! And more! We have billions of rounds of ammo, keep shooting! Oh wait that’s just the feds! Billions more at the state level! How much damn ammo is out there waiting to be used on Amerikans! Oh well keep shooting, it’s not like we will get in trouble or anything, and we have plenty of ammo!

  • Ron Fowler

    This is out of control. Didn’t do anything seriously wrong? Are you out of yer ever lovin’ mind you complete asshole? Not even disciplined? WTF? Have you noticed that because of this stupidity people are starting to find joy in reports of officers being shot and killed? They are starting to feel it as some sort of justice for all this corruption and the fear it is instilling in innocent people. This is not going anywhere good people.

  • Jonathan
  • Hinikuna Dansei

    The last sentence explains it all. The reason why there are no charges/punishment is because the two women took a settlement and most likely had to say they wouldn’t hold the PD at fault for it. No victim, no crime. If they decided to refuse the payoff and pursue it both criminally and civilly, it’d be a whole different story.

    • JuanitaRojas

      The government is supposed to prosecute criminal acts regardless of whether the victims want them to or not. See domestic violence prosecutions.

      • Hinikuna Dansei

        Only if there’s a specific law that allows them to do so, like in your domestic violence example. Otherwise, if someone beats and robs you but you refuse to press charges because he paid you, it may be dumb but it’s your right.

        • JuanitaRojas

          Just because he paid you back what he robbed you does not negate the physical trauma.

          • Hinikuna Dansei

            You’re missing the point completely. If these females did not want charges pressed, there is nothing you can really do in most instances.

          • JuanitaRojas

            If true, the law itself is even more pro-criminal than simply granting extremely unreasonable doubt/qualified immunity to anyone with a badge.

          • Hinikuna Dansei

            Perhaps if you familiarized yourself with the American legal system, you would understand better.

  • Keith Cameron

    Every single one of these officers should have been charged with attempted murder.

  • Robo

    They’re morons who should be no where near a badge or gun. Just picture any citizen doing the same and what would happen.

  • JuanitaRojas

    I’m glad I’m not a cop, because it means I’m legally accountable for my
    actions. If we non-crony “civilians” did this, we’d be rightfully
    charged with 2 counts of attempted murder and conspiracy thereof, and
    not be granted effective immunity for “mistakes”.

  • Adam McNamara

    This is total BS. How can those cops not be held accountable? Not only did they fire into the wrong vehicle. But they fired over 100 rounds and nobody hit the targets they were aiming at? I know the 1 lady was shot once in the back but after 100 misses we’re just gonna have to call that one a lucky shot. Am I the only one who thinks a professionally trained police officer should be a better shot then that? I think theres 8 cops who should be forced to turn in their guns and badges. If the department is gonna let them keep their badges atleast take their guns and replace them with tazers. None of those cops should be aloud to ever have guns with real bullets. They’ve proven they cant handle the responsibility. There should be 8 new meter readers in that city.

  • Phillip Michael

    Everyone on the “Commision” should be recalled, jailed and banned from serving in any public office. I’m sick of these private corporations “policing” their own. I wish the women hadn’t settled and would have sued the officers in their personal capacities. Common Law Tort claims still exist…

  • Gregg Park

    Why don’t you tools keep arguing about who is right and who is left? Don’t forget to be grammar police too. What a dumb conversation. What I don’t get is there are plenty of people going through private police academies, people studying criminal justice in college. Fresh faces looking to get their foot in the door as police officers. Why is it so difficult to simply give people who are obviously not cut out for this kind of work their walking papers and move on to someone new? Is it the unions that keep the incompetent and dishonest on the payroll? Is it the fact that the agencies have invested a lot of time and money into “training” a particular individual? There are mistakes and there are mistakes. When an officer has been proven dishonest on a police report, they need to be gone. When an officer shows a pattern of brutality or makes such an egregious mistake as these guys did, they need to be gone. No pension. No nothing. Find something new to do with your life. You’re not in law enforcement anymore, anywhere. I know that nobody’s perfect, and I don’t expect cops to be either, but sometimes something happens where the evidence is so damning, so clear, that it’s obvious this person, or people, are not cut out for the job. They need to go. If they’ve also violated the public trust, they need to be prosecuted with extreme prejudice. It’s not difficult to just be honest and do your job with professionalism and empathy. I know cops deal with the worst of the worst a lot of the time. I realize that sometimes killing a perpetrator or thumping them on the head is absolutely necessary. I know they want to go home at night to their families. We all do. I just get tired of these stories about police making absolutely deal-breaker type mistakes or violations and being allowed to continue working.

    • OldTimerUSNCB

      Your Right I spent 26 years in the Marines all the training in the World is not going to make the Officer good or bad its something that most people were raised on many years ago its called common since. If you watch these Cop shows these Cops hope and Pray these guys either run or resist they live for it, kind of like taking a hit of coke. After I got out we spent two year running around this once great Country and we found out the difference in the Highway Patrol and Local and Country Cops were like night and day. The State Cops were courteous and respectfully and got to the point the rest were like over weight Mall Cops with a attitude.

  • derfelcadarn

    Conclusive proof that police agencies should NOT be given high capacity magazines. After this pathetic display they all should be in jail. Every officer in this nation should be Barney Fifing it. PERIOD !

  • Legatus legionis

    I just can not believe what is happening to our Republic. Numerous cases of police “accidental shooting” continue to go unpunished. In Northern California a Sheriff murdered, yes murdered, a 14 year old kid with a BB gun. Oh, it looked like an AK47! So what! Swat teams barge into a citizens home at 3 am and first kill the family pet and then a husband. Ooops, wrong house, so sorry for your loss. This is bull shit. It must stop. If America had a Constitutional Attorney General these policemen, and other criminals like them, would have been tried for felony acts against two citizens who just happened to be driving the same vehicle as a wanted former cop.

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    103 shots fired and only one found it’s intended target. They should have kept that information sealed. I get pissed if I miss on the first shot, a second shot is just wasted ammo.

  • Lance Dryden

    Wow amazing simply amazing how did this turn into everybody fighting each other way to stick together against the corrupt government people we have such a future to look forward to

  • Seems to me the department had better start giving out IQ tests to their applicants. Especially around major cities, cops are always a target, so why the “increased pressure”? The stupid cops had better realize when they do things like this, they make themselves even more of a target by unstable people.

  • ElderOwl

    The cops are just another street gang. Until there’s justice for all, there’s no justice at all!

  • Juan Nightstand

    So, a civilian in California cannot legally carry a weapon outside their home. If they do, they can be locked in a cage for years and forfeit their right to legally own a firearm ever again, anywhere, forever. If they commit some sort of crime while carrying that weapon, discharge a round, or shoot somebody, they can be locked in a cage for even longer, possibly for life. Yet a government employee with a badge does it and………. NOTHING!??!? Seems legit.

  • “They were obviously doing something wrong or they wouldn’t have been shot” says every spineless sychophantic sheep on the internet who raise their kids to be puszies.


    The mother and daughter, though traumatized, received a settlement from the LAPD for $4.2 million dollars.

    u mean from the tax payers….. the day we start paying these law suits with thier police pension or payroll funds is the day these clowns will slow down on their killing and abusing

  • Earle Preston

    And the cops in LA wonder why the general public doesn’t trust them???

  • Richard StJohn

    103 rounds and they hit their target(s) once? Who then turned out to be not their target at all. I bet these morons all wind up costing the city more money and hopefully not some innocent their life. Cops have a monopoly on the use of force. As such they should be held to a higher standard rather than have events like this swept under the rug. And you wonder why people don’t like and don’t trust cops.

  • born2think

    They received a settlement for 4.2 million FROM the LAPD? I think not. Not one officer lost a dollar. Not one agency had to cut their budget back from the “cascade of events” that led to financial penalty. This money came from everyone in California. Until officers or departments are held financially responsible, there is no disincentive to change. Sad.

  • sharon

    Unlawful use of power and overkill by those officers they should have been fired and made to compensate the women for pain and suffering and the destroyed vehicle and anything else the women could think of !!!! these kinds of officers are giving the police departments of this country a bad name and are getting by with it !!

  • Clarence Beerman

    of course the douchebags wont be charged…legal gang with badge.what a bunch of crap

  • Cani Lupine

    Absolute f***ing BULLS**T! These “cops” should be thrown in jail for ATTEMPTED MURDER! In this day and age, we need more cop killers to protect the public from this completely unpunished overuse of force.

  • Mark Thomas Shaw

    its every ware im buying a gun do not trust the cops or the goverment any more

  • MountainSnow

    Blue and charcoal look quite different. You shouldn’t employ a bunch of color-blind people in the police.

  • MountainSnow

    If you don’t know what you are doing with the gun, don’t try to catch bad guys. Just don’t do anything. Pro-active police is worse than anything, especially when they make a mistake. And, every system has a failure rate larger than zero.

  • Ima Trollman

    In cases of corruption in law enforcement, you need to start naming the elected officials that these people answer to, whether it’s the city mayor, county sheriff, or whatever. They should feel the heat from the people. In this case, the Mayor of Los Angeles is Eric Garcetti, 200 N. Spring St., Los Angeles, CA 90012, (213) 978-0600, [email protected]

  • Alex rojas

    “tragic cascade of circumstances.” too bad we cant use that excuse when we break the law….

  • GingahBeahd

    good thing the henchmen always have bad aim.

  • Dc

    Just shows that the police are as worthless as we’ve all been saying and could care less about the actual citizens of this country since they obviously just got away with attempted murder on 2 people. But why should this be any different from them shooting people in the back while handcuffed and already searched and deemed not a threat which gets them a paid vacation. America land of the free?

  • Dobraya Utka

    If you plan to visit L.A., be afraid, very afraid. No joke.