2016 Presidential Race Opinions

6 Ways Republicans Are Out Of Touch With Regular Americans

#3. Criminal Justice Reform


A survey taken May 7, 2015 show that 49 percent—of Americans say they think the killings of black men by police are part of a pattern, while 39 percent think they’re isolated.

The same study showed that nearly two-thirds (65%) of Republicans believe recent killings of black men by police are isolated incidents and not part of a broader problem, indicating a large disconnect with what nearly half of Americans believe.

As minorities are not interested in a party that clearly isn’t interested in them, and recent events that caught the mainstream media’s attention as well as the President’s, the pressure weighs on the Republicans to get take this issue very seriously. Some party members already have . Criminal Justice Reform may be a party platform issue that could win over many independent voters, like Newt Gingrich, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, and Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) who has said that the court system “disproportionately punishes the black community” and insists on repealing mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes.

This could be the one issue to gain favor of those who have been neglected by the party. According to Roper Center’s Public Opinion Archives , a longer look at how Republican presidential candidates have fared with black voters dictate “the erosion in support began long before Barack Obama ever considered running for president”.

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