Writing Art Assignment: Ideas for College

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Writing an art assignment in college allows you to express your thoughts on styles and ideas that affect modern society. Art always has an impact, whether you like the theme or dislike the way it is expressed. This means students can expect to evoke emotion with their writing.

Describe the Subject Matter

When you are writing about the artwork, spend a little time describing the piece. Ensure that your reader can imagine what it looks like from your description. 

If the work is created using oils, gouache or watercolors, state this clearly. The choice of materials used says a lot about the work. Some artists only work with found materials, such as wood or seeds. This information usually provides you with a foundation for analyzing the work.

Ai Wei Wei’s work created with sunflower seeds allows people from all over the world to interact with the artwork. While this piece may seem like a lot of fun, the artist is also an important political figure. Any analysis of his work should take this into account.

Examine the Themes in an Artist’s Work

Artists usually have a focus at every stage of their careers. This focus inspires every piece that they create, whether they are a sculptor, enjoy working on installations, or prefer watercolors.

Your art writing assignment may require you to analyze works created during a particular stage in an artist’s life, at Copycrafter, we are familiar with that. This should be done with careful attention to all the issues in their personal life, such as marriage, a shift to a new community, migration or political upheaval.

Examine Significance

Writing about a particular work of art allows you to display its worth in a societal context. Every work of art is significant in some way, but some are immediately recognized for their effect.

In the United States, the Statue of Liberty has had a profound effect on migrants. As a symbol, the statue stands for the idea of hope and also represents the friendship between France and America. Similar works address the needs that people have, welcoming them in times of distress.

While Lady Liberty is direct in her message, you may be asked to write about an expressionist work of art. Your analysis of its significance may be aided by an understanding of other works created by the artist.

Appreciate Uniqueness

When you are writing about art in college, you are often required to analyze the technique or ideas presented. Always bear in mind that each artist and style is different 

Understanding and appreciating these differences can add greater depth to your work. Art is an area that is known for reflecting diversity. If your perspective is wide, you will gain important information on community and history.

You always want to show an understanding of the technique that you are writing about. Even if your focus is on a particular piece of artwork, make sure you look at similar works to gain a more complete understanding of the work.

Understand Context

The historical context of a painting or sculpture is always important. Be sure to state when a piece was created and what was happening in their community or the world at that time.

For example, several narratives are often clear when art created during one of the world wars is analyzed. This narrative changes when the conflict is over and the work of rebuilding begins. Placing the work in context helps those who appreciate it to further understand its ideas.

Artists do not work in a vacuum. If you are completing an art assignment for college, you should demonstrate your awareness of the factors that influenced its composition.

Relevance of Location

Most major works of art that belong to a country are placed in a location where they can positively impact a large number of people. In your art assignment, the location of the artwork must be mentioned.

The location should be very specific. Mention the name of the gallery or museum. Also, give details on how long the work has been in that location and where it was before.

Write about Personal Impact

A work of art may have affected you personally. Many people can describe a painting or sculpture that has always affected them in a positive way. This artwork may even have inspired them to make specific changes in their life. You may include that in your analysis.


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