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Here are the Top 5 Most Libertarian Nations in the World

by Phil Saggese

There isn’t a nation in the world that has the entirety of libertarianism put together. For example, in the Netherlands, you can smoke marijuana in front of the police, but the government will also tax your paycheck 52% when your income hits 66,000 euros. In England, Nigel Farage just defeated the EU but they have a bigger, nastier version of the NSA in the motherland. With all of that being said, these are the most libertarian countries in the world, based on a combination of being fiscally conservative and favoring individual freedom.

5. England

In seems fitting to mention England. It is simple: they no longer have a government that supersedes their federal government’s authority, and for libertarians, less is more when it comes to government. They are no longer chain-bound to an ever sinking ball that is the European Union.

Economically, they are now free of regulations, taxes and tariffs that the European Union has placed on them since 1973. But on the other hand, they are still bound to the crony capitalism of the Virgin Corporation. Due to their support for regulations with which competitors cannot compete and lobbying for government contracts, Virgin has snagged a large amount of England’s market share.

In terms of individual liberty, Edward Snowden was spot on when he said the GCHQ was worse than the NSA. In England, one can actually be tried on evidence solely gathered from government surveillance. Drugs are illegal, although British Parliament understands, unlike the U.S. Congress, that heroin should be classified differently than marijuana.

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