Will Idaho Go Down in History as the State That Upended Obamacare?

Will Idaho Go Down in History as the State That Upended Obamacare?

If you could look into the future, what will historians say about the ongoing drama of Obamacare across the aisle in the House? This has been the most controversial piece of legislation in recent years and has been the cause of the greatest political divide between the liberal left and the conservative right that anyone can remember.

It would be interesting to jump forward a few years to see what a student pursuing a Norwich University master in history would pose as their thesis paper’s summation of this major piece of U.S. history. Now Idaho has jumped into the fray with yet another bit of state legislation that has caused new controversy, further widening the rift between the opposing factions.

How Idaho Captured Media Attention

There is no secret that the media typically sides with the liberal left, no matter who is in office, so of course, it is necessary to take that into account when reading the ‘news.’ That being said, CNN recently published an article with their summary of what Idaho is doing, but rather than reporting in the unbiased tradition of journalism, you will find that they interject opinions within the facts they divulge, instead of letting the reader come to their own conclusions. Will this huge amount of favoritism factor into a historians account of recent years? That’s a very real possibility if media bias becomes pervasive within society.

What Is This Highly Controversial Healthcare Legislation in Idaho?

What appears to be happening is that Idaho is acting on President Trump’s move to give states the power to come up with their own solutions to the unaffordable Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA). Working in tandem with Blue Cross, Idaho’s legislature came up with their own solution. CNN states that Idaho is in direct opposition to the ACA and although some changes have been made, it has yet to be repealed as the current administration is attempting to do. CNN slants the article towards the fact that there are several provisions in Idaho’s new insurance provision that are diametrically opposed to the ACA as it still stands today. But are they?

Is Idaho Truly in Violation of Obamacare?

Idaho’s state legislature has now approved an alternative that could cost significantly less than insurers signed onto Obamacare. This would address the needs of the middle-income families who have born the brunt of the growing costs of health insurance, which promised to keep costs low. In fact, only the lower and upper segments of the population realized any benefits from the ACA, leaving middle-income families out in the cold to fend for themselves. There simply weren’t affordable options for these hard-working blue-collar families.


Who Will Have the Last Word?

Idaho’s response is that now many younger people in good health will sign onto the new plans offered by Blue Cross in the state, which should equalize the deficit now being caused by mandated Obamacare. The debate is far from over and it appears as though Idaho’s new healthcare legislation will become a new focus in the House debates. It may be years before master’s degree students from schools like Norwich University will finally be able to examine Idaho’s part in the ongoing saga of the ACA, but for the meantime, it is suggested that you read between the lines while following this highly controversial bit of politics that Idaho has set in motion. In the end, who will have the last word, Idaho or advocates of the ACA?

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