Why Do Libertarians Always Lose? [PODCAST]

Ever walked a mile in another man’s shoes?

In today’s episode of the Freedom Report podcast, Austin Petersen offers his expert analysis on the cultural issues that are killing the advancement of libertarian ideas.
 Why do libertarians always seem to lose the big battles for limited government? I think I know why, and it has to do with that innate human trait that we seem to be lacking: empathy. As hyper-individualists, libertarians frequently suffer from the fact that they carry a puritanical thought process that inhibits creative libertarian types from advancing the cause using the types of social cues that our fellow humans are giving us.
Can we make a successful cultural play to bring libertarian ideas to the mainstream if we can’t take a joke? What’s stopping us from broadening our base?
This episode of the Freedom Report podcast was broadcast live on Facebook on June 28th, 2016.