Actual Cuckolds Offended That Term Is Now a Right-Wing Insult

By Blake Neff

A newly-published Vice article finds that members of the cuckold subculture are apparently offended their fetish has been co-opted by the political right as an insult for supporters of immigration.

Conventionally, a cuckold is a man whose wife is having an affair with another, often with his implied acquiescence. In the world of modern amorous relations, “cuckoldry” is a fetish where men overtly enjoy seeing their wives or girlfriends have sex with other men, often right in front of them. (RELATED: Cuckold Your Husband, Or, The Raw Marriage Deal For Men)

In the last year, though, a third use of the “cuckold” label has become popular, this time in the political realm. Conservatives, particularly members of the “alt-right,” have begun calling liberals “cucks” as a term of derision.

In the U.S., Republicans who oppose Donald Trump or efforts to control immigration have frequently been labeled “cuckservatives.” Those hit with such labels are implied to be effeminate, politically correct, and all-around meek individuals afraid of standing up for their culture or their country. The term is particularly common when applied to supporters of mass immigration, who are allegedly “cucks” willing to see foreigners come in to the country.

As Vice’s Mike Pearl sums it up, “Cuck basically means liberal now.” And actual cuckolds aren’t happy about it. Dave, a self-described “alpha cuck” who claims to have voted for Mitt Romney in 2012, says the label is a political misfire.

“They believe it means inferior,” Dave tells Vice in his interview. “They don’t realize that there certainly are a lot of alpha cucks out there.”

Dave also complains that using “cuck” as a political slur turns cuckold fetishists into a new persecuted sexual minority.

“‘Cuck’ is the new ‘gay,’” he says. “Remember when that was a slur? I think eventually it’ll evolve into an accepted lifestyle.”

Dave also rejects the association of cuckoldry with support for mass immigration, though he admits most cuckolds do lean left.

“Looking at what is happening in European countries—there’s a legitimate concern,” he says.

Read the whole piece here.

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