Why Do Germans Love Gambling? Facts and History

Germans love gambling. Even though some people believe they don’t, it is not the truth. The fact is, and we can see it from the statistics of Dunder Casino, that an increasing number of Germans gamble.

It happens, that Germany has a long love-and-hate history with gambling. Actually, all started with the Ancient Romans. Their main entertainment was gambling. So, there is nothing surprising in the fact that Germans started using gambling as a pass-time activity. Later, it became also a way to have fun & earn some money at the same time.

Some Facts about Gambling and Casinos in Germany

The first German casino was established rather early: in 1720. It was one of the first official gambling establishments in the world and definitely the first one in Germany.

Gambling is extremely popular in Germany now. However, gambling history in this country is difficult and full of controversies. Germany has many land-based casinos. Some of them are among the best in the world. All of them are safe and provide their users with the best gambling experiences ever.

However, when it comes to online casinos, all is not so simple. Until 2018, online gambling was not regulated, what was endangering the gamblers safety. Whatever could happen, but there was no legislation to protect gamblers.

On 01.01.2018, the Interstate Gambling Treaty was released. All kinds of gambling, including even so much loved poker, were banned. But even here, Germany found its own way. Or, rather, not Germany, but one federal state, Schleswig Holstein, which started issuing its own licenses.

May 2013 can be determined as a turning point in the history of German casinos. The first official German online casino was launched, Casino-Deutschland. It started providing gambling services under a license issued by Schleswig Holstein authorities, but soon afterward, the federal state decided to join the Gambling Treaty. All licenses issued in Schleswig Holstein would be valid till 2018.

Online Casinos Are the Solution for Those Who Love Gambling

Even though the situation with gambling and online casinos has improved today, but there are still many controversies in this field. But Germans love gambling. That’s why it is not surprising, that they have found their own way.

Even though online gambling might be illegal in Germany, but one should understand the details. Hosting a casino website is illegal. However, registering in an online casino and playing there is not determined as something forbidden. So, German players enjoy gambling in online casinos that operate under foreign licenses.

Why Germans Love Gambling

If there are so many risks and in general gambling is not welcomed in the country, it would be reasonable to believe that Germans do not play. But on the contrary, Germans love gambling. More than that: revenues from the gambling industry are huge. There is nothing unusual in it. These are the main reasons why Germans love gambling, like any other people, by the way:

  • Ability to take risks. Everybody wants to feel brave and to be able to take risks. Gambling provides this option.
  • An opportunity to escape the grey reality.
  • Feeling glamorous. Even if it is just an online casino, glamour is present there. And if the casino provides a live version (most modern casinos do it), then the feeling increases.
  • And yes, let`s be open. Most people still believe gambling is not risky. However, it provides opportunities to win huge sums.

One thing is for sure though. It doesn’t matter where one is located, the most important thing is to select a secure casino. Then, all depends only on gambler`s luck and skills.





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