Which Monitors You Must Consider Having If You Are A Gamer?

Everyone has an obsession, or you can say a side hobby to which they are really attached. For example, girls are really into makeup stuff, and boys usually like sports and games, whether it is real life or video/online games. Whatever we like, we want to have the best and updated things related to it. And we do this to have more fun and get the best outcomes of it. 

Well, here we will talk about the latest and best quality monitors if you are obsessed with gaming. The four biggest monitor manufacturers have announced about introducing new and exciting monitors. Yes! It is really good news for all gaming lovers out there. They are all updated versions with the latest features.

Latest Monitors

Samsung has introduced its latest two new monitors with a curved surface, i.e., Philips 499P9H and Samsung CRG9. Although all of Samsung’s LEDs and screens are really good for gaming, these give you a totally different experience. 

Then some of the LG IP Panels. Their IP Panel range series is definitely worth having. Another best monitor screens for you if you are really into gaming and stuff. You can enjoy your favorite games such as Agen Poker with a really good quality display.

AU Optronics is for you if you are into heavy gaming with controllers, keyboards, and mouse. These screens provide the best HD displays and full coverage. Acer Predator XB323QK NV and Acer Predator XB273U GX are highly recommended products from this company. 

The new MSI Monitors have been really proving themselves in the market. Their monitors are specifically designed for gamers. They have a sleek curve, which enhances the gaming experience to the next level amazing. MSI MEG381CQR and MSI MAG342CQR monitors have been their best until now.

All the above-mentioned manufacturers have the best screens not for gaming but also for a home TV as well. They are worth it and should definitely try out one of these; you won’t regret investing your money. 


You have to be very wise when choosing a screen for yourself. It should meet all your needs and requirements and should not be too high on price. Do a little research and check out all the options available for your requirements. Check out for reviews of the best monitors. 

I hope that this article will be of great help to you!