How Video/Online Games Provides Learning And Social Benefits?

It may look like video/online games have all disadvantages, and it is an adverse invention of the technology world. And this thought or belief is most common in our parents and older people. But this is not true. Everything that has been introduced in this world comes with advantages and disadvantages. Nothing comes with full advantages or disadvantages. It is a balance of both. Actually, this topic is quite debatable. And it can’t be concluded yet whether it is good or not. 

Are video/online games really worth it?

Well, one really has to neutral about this. The disadvantages of gaming have been so much highlighted that people are not ready to even think about the brighter side of gaming. We can’t deny the facts that it has to bring a lot of changes in our lives like we used to play more outdoor games, we used to be more physically healthy and fit and we with all the facilities provided we have got so lazy, and we prefer sitting and playing games online more than physical sports.

Being an optimist, we must realize that online/video gaming has strengthened our cognitive skills. These skills include spatial navigation, memory, perception, and memory. These skills have been found in gamers who play shooter video games that are often violent. And this is how we should see these games that if they are violent and are getting bad effects on kids; on the other side, they are also improving a few very important skills. 

A lot of people are introvert. They don’t/can’t talk about themselves. These games have changed this part of their personality as well. While playing games, they get to connect with people belonging to different parts of the world. Hence, their social life is also improved. Games like Keluaran Hk are really good examples of these kinds of games. 

Gamers who play such kind of online/video games have really developed good problem solving and strategic skills.  


Ending this with a Chinese concept known as ‘Yin-Yang’ which means that good and bad are always interconnected and counter-balanced. Similarly, the advantages and disadvantages are also interconnected and counter-balanced. It is the way you use things that makes it bad or good. And one more thing that excess of everything is bad. If you play a lot of online/video games, it will have more bad effect on you than a good effect. So try to keep things in balance. 

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