[VIDEO] Mike Bloomberg Eats Big Gay Ice Cream

In a recent ad for desperation in the polls, Mike Bloomberg decides to eat Big Gay Ice Cream.

What does that mean for America? Absolutely nothing.

Right now, Mike Bloomberg is polling at fourth place with 7.8% of the vote according to Real Clear Politics. Let’s just say his pandering works. There are 44 million registered democrats . That means that if all those registered voters are decided, he must be getting 3.4 million votes. Add all the folks in the entire United States LGBT community, which is 13.5 million (which may or may not be included already in the 7.8% and assuming they all flock to vote Bloomberg), he’ll get 16.9 million, which is 38.4% in the Democrat polls. This would put him over Biden, who’s right now at 28.1% according to Real Clear politics.

If you think this gives you hope for Mike Bloomberg, just watch the ad. All this math that Bloomberg is counting on is fairy tales and mental gymnastics.

First, not all gay voters vote Democrat. Second, not all gay voters who are Democrats are going to blindly swing their votes because Mike Bloomberg decided to bravely eat Big Gay Ice Cream. From an optics standpoint, it’s completely dumb. If he wanted to do a bigger pander he would be selling dildos with his campaign slogan: “Mike Will Get It Done”. (Already, liberals on college campuses sell dildos to protest campus carry laws. So by the time they are old enough to run maybe they’ll keep using the same strategies in this election or in 2024.)

Now for a pandering comparison to other candidates: Elizabeth Warren wrote a Native American cookbook to prove her “heritage”. Bernie apologized to Joe Biden for calling him corrupt. Joe Biden talked about almost getting into a fight with a gangster named Cornpop. Pete Buggigieg talks a lot about his husband (it’s indicative when people search first on Duckduckgo and fourth on Google over your actual policies that you mention that one a lot).  Elizabeth Warren did a livestream on Instagram to copy Ocasio Cortez’s tactics and proceeded to drink some beer. All of the candidates are offering free stuff  some more than others.

But when will the pandering end? Does it affect your stance at all? What did this ad accomplish? Does it help stop homophobia?  Likely, the only thing it will accomplish is negative press coverage from conservatives while rallying a tiny minority of woke leftists that are probably going to castigate you either way for something you’ve done in the past or something you might do in the future.


Image: Spencer Means

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