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Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 5.34.02 PMTechnology Pushing Forward

Little Liam Dippenaar has a new lease on life with a bionic hand that will be connected directly to his brain. In the video below, Liam is shown grasping a ball in his right hand for the very first time.

“After practicing with it for a little while, Liam was able to pick up a coin, grab objects of different shapes and sizes,” creator Ivan Owen says. “He’s a really determined little guy.”

As he grows up, the neural connectors will fuse into the circuits and he will supposedly gain even more mobility in the future. Watch below as the future of prosthetics combines with 3d printing technology.

  • seeker_n

    Awesome. It’s great to see technology helping people live better and more productive lives!

  • scobaru

    Super cool video, but as a design student there is much to be improved on that. I hope they keep on working on it and developing it

  • disqusisdumb5

    Awesome, Indeed. He should change his name to Luke Skywalker. 🙂

  • ajk105

    There has been a throat for a little boy and an ear for a little girl. All amazing.