Venezuela’s Maduro Compares World’s Treatment of His Gov’t Officials to the Jews During WWII


By Kody Fairfield

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has likened the harassment of government officials and their families outside of Venezuela to the treatment of Jews under the Nazis, report Reuters.

“We are the new Jews of the 21st century that Hitler pursued,” Maduro said during the cabinet meeting. “We don’t carry the yellow star of David … we carry red hearts that are filled with desire to fight for human dignity. And we are going to defeat them, these 21st century Nazis.”

Maduro also said in comments to a televised cabinet meeting late on Tuesday that planned opposition rallies in Caracas on Wednesday evening were reminiscent of rallies during the rise of Nazism and fascism in pre-World War Two Europe, reported Reuters.

Venezuelans living abroad, many of whom have fled the country’s economic chaos, have in recent weeks accosted visiting state officials and their family members, said Reuters.

In his statements, Maduro is essentially likening the treatment of his government representatives to the horrific plight which led to the death of six million Jews. What is sickeningly ironic about the Venezuelan President’s statement, a president who is a member of the United Socialist Party, is that he compares the treatment of those who are members of an oppressive regime, to the the treatment of Jews by the German National Socialist Party.

Maybe before making out landish statements, the President should reflect on why his officials are situationally ostracized.

Currently, Venezuela is descending toward third world status. Streets are ablaze, liberties are being stripped and citizens are starving in the streets. In fact, a recent report explained that the situation in the “socialist utopia” is so dire, that 75% of the population has lost 19lbs. simply due to the lack of food. Even professional athletes, like professional baseball player Miguel Cabrera have begun to protest the nation.

From Voactiv:

Tigers superstar Miguel Cabrera put it bluntly: “They’re fighting for food, they’re fighting for a better life, they’re fighting for everything, for medicine. . . . People are dying in Venezuela.”

As Royals shortstop Alcides Escobar said, what they want is a “free and prospering country,” and they are willing to speak out no matter the dangers they face.

Pirates catcher Francisco Cervelli organized a 13-player video trying to raise awareness of the crisis in their home country. In that video, Cervelli says, “We’re not speaking as players but as citizens who love their country.” The other players all take turns saying that they want to stop the oppression and that they seek peace and liberty in Venezuela.

So, it appears that Maduro is correct in a likening of the time period, unfortunately for him however, his mirror paints a better picture than his conflated “reality.”

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