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By Kody Fairfield

Claiming to be primed for civil war, a Venezuelan general issued orders to prepare for the future use of snipers against anti-government protesters, according to a secret recording of a regional command meeting held three weeks ago at a military base in the northwestern Venezuelan city of Barquisimeto, reports the Miami Herald.

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The audio, which was obtained by the Herald from a Washington source that has provided information on Venezuela for previous stories, the general discusses the potential legal and physical risks of using snipers during the massive demonstrations against Venezuela’s socialist president, Nicolás Maduro.

Acording to the Herald, Venezuelan Division General José Rafael Torrealba Pérez is the man who is heard on the recording, can be heard saying: “Begin to make preparations with those individuals that can serve as snipers, beginning with psychological and aptitude tests…”

He continued, ““There will come a time when we will have to employ them [the snipers] and I want us to be ready for the moment that we have to employ them because the president will not remain at a green [preparation] phase, gentlemen.”

“He [Maduro] has already signed a range of operations and as I said here [previously] … we could be at the beginning of a subversive urban war,” the General concluded.

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The recording of Torrealba’s voice matches the one appearing in videos of his public speeches available on YouTube. His voice also was identified by the Washington source that supplied the tape to el Nuevo Herald, reports the Herald.

The military, however, insists publicly that it is not using lethal force against demonstrators, a claim that was repeated on Wednesday by Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez, said the Herald.

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  • Fred Doe

    The left is so incredibly corrupt! Why isn’t their MSM, the left’s propaganda machine, reporting the fact that the socialist government in Venezuela imposed strict gun control when they took over and confiscated all weapons? Why aren’t they reporting the fact that now that that corrupt socialist government has ruined the economy, that they are issuing those confiscated weapons to their version of Antifa who are murdering those who want to remove the socialist progressive criminals who are destroying that country?!

  • Fred Doe

    It wasn’t very long ago that the progressive left/democrats was holding Venezuela up as a country to be emulated! I remember vividly how Venezuela was held up as a model of government run efficiency! I remember their president Chavez, obama’s buddy, lecturing him on how to install an efficient socialist government and obama grinning that stupid dunce grin of his as he did so. And how they promoted Cuba, another socialist paradise that everyone is trying to escape from. They also held Greece up as “The working man’s paradise”. They have an uncanny ability to be wrong on everything. Look at what they have and are still trying to do to this country and to Trump as he strives to get things back on course! I strongly suggest that all dems examine their political beliefs and change them to fit reality, or simply move to one of their “socialist paradises”!