Trump Is Apparently The ‘Most Deplorable Person’ Maxine Waters Have Ever Met [VIDEO]


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Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters called President Donald Trump a “flawed man with no real values” on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Friday.“He is a flawed man with no real values, and no real appreciation or understanding for government or public policy,” Waters said. “No, I have no hope that anyone will contain him or that he is going to change.”She called Trump “the most deplorable person I’ve ever met in my life,” and thinks the country is headed for a “constitutional crisis” over the Russia investigation.

“I believe that he was impeccable and I’m very pleased that I have to generate the conversation about him,” Waters said. “I know I was early and I know I talked about Manafort and some of the others very early. More than most people were.”

She pushed the idea of impeaching Trump but has yet to show she could whip the votes to make it a reality. She stated Special Counsel Robert Mueller needed to “connect the dots” before Congress could move forward.

“I’m banking on the patriotism of some of the Americans, most of them. They won’t be able to stand with him if it is proven that the colluded. That they undermined our democracy, interfered with our elections, that they are going to be able to see that this president is dangerous,” she said.

“I believe that this president tried to convince Putin that he could lift those sanctions. I believe he had Putin believing that he [Trump] had the power and the influence to do that. And this is what I think it’s all about, I think it’s about drilling in the Arctic and lifting those sanctions.”

Both houses of Congress passed a bill on Russian sanctions Thursday, which President Trump signed into law.

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