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Twitter Disgusted by Joe Biden Kissing Granddaughter on the Lips


Twitter users wasted no time expressing their disgust with former Vice-President Joe Biden Saturday after a public display of affection with his granddaughter in which he kissed her on the lips.

Biden gave a speech at the Nevada Democratic Party’s state and National Brew events in Las Vegas as he campaigns for the party’s nomination for president in 2020, according to LasVegasNow.com.

In his speech, the former vice-president discussed many topics from what he claimed was President Trump embracing both White Nationalists and foreign dictators to his visions for immigration and health care reform.

It was not the content of Biden’s speech that has many Twitter users openly repulsed, however, but rather a public display of affection in which he kissed his granddaughter on the lips after introducing her to the crowd as a summer volunteer for his campaign during her break from school.

Many people within the sphere of Twitter were quite open regarding their thoughts about the former vice-president’s public display of affection.

It is no secret that Biden is physically expressive with his female counterparts, many of which have made allegations of sexual harassment against the former vice president.

These past allegations caused a controversy in which Biden made a video which was distributed to social media on April 3rd in which he said he realized “social norms” were changing” but that he always tried to establish a “human connection” with people.

Was Joe’s kissing his granddaughter gross and inappropriate or perhaps an innocent gesture of love between a grandfather and his granddaughter? That is for you the reader to decide.

(A recording of the event can be viewed here.)

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