2016 Presidential Race

Trump Manager: “To Be Determined” If Trump Will Use Deportation Force

Trump Campaign Gives Worrisome Answer on Key Policy Point

by Josh Guckert

In an interview Sunday morning on CNN’s State of the Union, Dana Bash asked Donald Trump‘s new campaign manager about the candidate’s previous plan for a “deportation force.” The manager, Kellyanne Conway, stated that he wishes only to support a plan to “enforce the law” and which is “fair and humane.”

She then promised that he would lay out a more specific plan over the weeks to come. When pressed about the “deportation force,” Conway said that whether or not Trump would use one is “to be determined.”

This is only the latest in a strange turn of events for the Republican nominee’s campaign. Upon replacing most of his upper-level staff, a more “mainstream” conservative message appears to be in place. However, this comes after around a year of Trump campaigning like his normal self.

The switch less than three months before the general election is not likely to bode well for Trump’s already-slim chances. The voters already turned-off by his rhetoric are unlikely to find appeal in his new attitude. Conversely, he runs the risk of disenfranchising the populist support he accumulated throughout the Republican primaries should he continue to moderate his tone.

Watch the exchange below:

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