Gary Johnson Guarantees Mitt Romney a Place in His Administration

Romney Has Yet to Announce His November Selection

by Josh Guckert

On Saturday, in an interview with Deseret News, Libertarian Presidential nominee Gary Johnson asserted that Mitt Romney would play a part in his eventual Presidency. Said Johnson, “If Mitt Romney wants to be a part of the administration, that would be a guarantee.”

He continued on to state that he has no specific position in mind for the 2012 Republican nominee. Said Johnson, “I think [the position] would be for Mitt Romney to decide … and I say that with reverence to his skills as a business person and having run the Olympics.”

Johnson’s running mate, William Weld suggested that perhaps Romney would serve as a good Secretary of State or Secretary of Defense. Both Johnson and Weld also suggested that former Utah Governor Mike Leavitt could possibly be part of the administration, perhaps as Secretary of State.

Romney has gained notoriety this election cycle for his refusal to support Republican nominee Donald Trump. He has openly admitted that he is considering voting instead for Johnson. He stated that it would be an easy endorsement for him if Weld were the nominee, as the two are longtime friends and colleagues. Weld supported Romney for President in both 2008 and 2012, serving as his New York state co-chair in the former run and a fundraising director in the latter attempt.

As the Libertarian ticket is taken more seriously by Americans, their building of a bipartisan cabinet could do wonders. Particularly if they can articulate a legitimate team of thinkers from a wide variety of ideologies, Johnson and Weld can further prove themselves to be the “adults” in the room. In a time where Trump and Hillary Clinton seem more keen on personal attacks and campaign rhetoric, the Libertarians can prove to be more mature and worried about solutions.

Even though Romney is far from a libertarian, his endorsement and expertise would be extremely valuable to the Johnson campaign and an eventual Presidential administration. Libertarians would likely prefer Romney to stay on the economics side in any advisory role, but nonetheless, his decades of experience and the respect he has earned from many Americans is invaluable to a third-party ticket seeking validation from the many voters looking for a November candidate.

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