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Top 5 Ways to Streamline Government and Create More Freedom

2. Repeal the ACA and Interstate Insurance Regulations

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As the Affordable Care Act has proved itself to be the Unaffordable Care Act, Congress should act to repeal that massive overhaul of our healthcare industry and instead embrace an alternative that had been proposed years ago: repeal the interstate insurance regulations that disallow people from forming groups across states and bargaining with insurance companies directly.

Not only could free people organize themselves into bargaining groups, they could form groups that self-insure, sidestepping the health insurance behemoths like Aetna, Blue Cross and United Health Care. Think of all the money those groups would save by not having to subsidize the enormous overhead of corporate health insurance providers.

A free market in insurance and health care would give people more choices, spawn health care and health insurance alternatives, and give people the freedom to choose from among a variety of products that meet their needs.

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