Hillary Is Not a Victim

I always let out a bit of a chortle whenever I hear Hillary Clinton and her sycophants accuse Republicans for engaging in politics, as though this is some kind of defense. Of course, accusing the other side of politics is in-and-of itself a form of politics, and Hillary Clinton is a master of this game: to play the victim standing atop a moral high ground surrounded by GOP partisan barbarians all around.

And yesterday, she went on the attack with this gambit.

When asked about her private email server, Hillary diverted her answer to lambasting Republicans for exploiting the deaths of four Americans with their Benghazi Select Committee:

“This committee was set up, as they have admitted, for the purpose of making a partisan political issue out of the deaths of four Americans. I would never have done that, and if I were president and there were Republicans or Democrats thinking about that, I would have done everything to shut it down.”

No, Hillary Clinton would never, ever use the tragic deaths of Americans to push a partisan political agenda. Well, except for Friday when in the wake of the Oregon shooting she said this:

“I gotta to tell you, it is just heart breaking, it is sickening to me to see another massacre. People should not have to be afraid to college like this one or go to the movie theater or go to bible study. What is wrong with us! That we can’t stand to the NRA and the gun lobby and the gun manufacturers they represent!

So, Hillary Clinton is willing to exploit a tragedy to scapegoat “us” for her political agenda. Yet, she has the gall– when she promoted the war in Libya, when she denied security requests for months in Benghazi, and when she blamed the deaths of Americans on a amateurish video–she has the unmitigated gall to look into the camera and say an investigation into the failures of Benghazi is politics as usual, a vast right wing conspiracy; an attack on her?  

Listening to Hillary Clinton, you would think this whole controversy centers around the Republicans “exploiting” Benghazi and the question over whether or not she was allowed to decided which of her emails were public and which were private. She is merely a victim here, folks.

No, she is not the victim here. And the Republicans are not the victims here (other than falling victim to the verbal diarrhea of the new idol of all morondom, Kevin McCarthy.)

The victim at stake in the Clinton email scandal is the law.

As Judge Andrew Napolitano explains, a legal noose of her own creation is being slowly draped around her neck and will soon be tightened. The legal issue at hand is not whether Clinton was entitled to decide on her own which of her State Department emails were public or private. That question, according to Napolitano is a legal “gray area.”

But what is not a legal “gray area” is the unsecured transmission of classified materials. That is a black and white issue. And thus far, there have been over 400 emails of Clinton’s emails from her private server found with secret and top-secret information.

Hillary can accuse others of politics all she wants. But she better drop the act when the FBI comes knocking at her door.

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