Top Five Reasons Romney Could Make an Excellent Secretary of State

3. Romney has foresight


A mere four years ago, Democrats mocked Mitt Romney for stating that Russia is America’s number one geopolitical foe. All we’ve heard from democrats over the past six months is Russia! Russia! Russia!

While Russia is not the enemy of Western interests that the U.S.S.R. was, it is certainly clear that Vladimir Putin and his predecessor, Dmitry Medvedev have embraced a foreign policy that aims to put Moscow on equal footing with the U.S. as a global force. It is also clear that this desire for supremacy in the East escaped Barack Obama’s notice, until it became politically expedient to find a scapegoat upon whom to blame the WikiLeaks email scandal.  From the beginning of Obama’s tenure, the U.S. and Russia had a “reset” of relations, during which time Russia invaded Ukraine and Crimea, and inserted its military into Syria, and yet the current administration has seemed unalarmed.

Also on Obama’s watch we have seen aggressive destabilization of the Middle East, with the governments of Egypt and Libya overthrown, a languishing war in Yemen, and the emergence of ISIS.

A Secretary of State needs foresight, the ability to recognize and acknowledge the present dangers and future threats to a peaceful foreign policy. Recognizing the fact that Russia was positioning itself as a rival super power, and expressing that unpopular opinion in the face of ridicule is admirable. Unlike Hillary Clinton, the cautious Mitt Romney is likely to consider the ramifications of decisions—what happens after an action or as a result of a policy decision.

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