Top Five Reasons Romney Could Make an Excellent Secretary of State

1. Romney is the anti-Trump


Trump scares people. He’s unpredictable. He turns on a dime.

Mitt Romney is measured and staid—reassuring, in fact. The grinding gears of diplomacy require constant greasing. Good manners and civility are the lubricant that keeps them slowly turning. Romney is so polished that he shines.

Yes, American voters thought his upper lip too stiff, his hair too perfect to be president. But as Secretary of State, the uber-conservative grandfather is the perfect archetype to conduct foreign policy. He can provide a counterbalance of caution to keep Trump from sabotaging his own administration.

Romney will be the grown-up in the war room. When Trump serves up the crazy, Romney can talk him down. And as an added bonus, teetotaler Trump will have someone with whom to enjoy his Arnold Palmers at the White House cocktail parties.

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