Top 9 Most Libertarian Themes In Star Wars Films

2. Biggs Darklighter


Who is Biggs Darklighter you ask? Well Biggs is better known as Red Three, one of the pilots that die while assaulting the Death Star. He only appears in a handful of prints that were released to a few drive-in theatres but his scene very blatantly lays out one of the big themes of the series.

In the scene Biggs, who was trained as an Imperial pilot and is friends with Luke Skywalker, tells Luke that he’s going to join the rebellion (Rebel Alliance). Luke is jealous but tells Biggs he can’t go with him because his uncle needs him for the harvest.

Biggs replies:“What good’s all your uncle’s work if the Empire takes over? You know they’ve already started to nationalize commerce in the central systems? It won’t be long before your uncle’s just a tenant, slaving for the greater glory of the Empire.”

Biggs casts the Rebellion as a group fighting against government tyranny and for economic liberty.

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